Heritus Marketing Group Announces Reverse Mortgage Lead Program

HOUSTON, TX – 11/4/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Heritus Marketing Group recently announced its Reverse Mortgage Lead Program through which it has going to supply exclusive and personalized Reverse Mortgage Leads to its clients. These leads will contain details of elderly home owners beyond the age of 62. Mortgage lenders, refinancers, Banks and Financial Institutions that are into originating reverse mortgages can benefit by this program immensely.

The leads that are offered under this program are those that have not been contacted by any reverse mortgage lender so far. Therefore, the chances of these leads getting converted into clients are quite high for lenders who wish to take on the opportunity of acquiring and nurturing them. Through the use of right strategies it might be possible to convert these leads, within a short span of time.

Heritus Marketing Group is in the business of lead generation for quite some time now. It has supplied leads to auto insurance firms, solar installation businesses, security services, mortgage lenders, merchant cash advance lenders, debt settlement consultants etc. With this exclusive program, Heritus will enter a new niche that will help reverse mortgage lenders achieve their targets in business.

The sources used by Heritus to collect information about these leads, are absolutely genuine and include public records, aged media sources and aged internet sources. Besides, they also make use of online forms that prompt people who wish to obtain reverse mortgage to enter their details. All these details are double-checked and verified before they are sent to the clients.

“With every passing day, the reverse mortgage industry is growing larger and larger,” says Himanshu Tripathi, the founder and promoter of Heritus Marketing Group. “With the Baby Boomers reaching the age of retirement, the number of adults who are aging is increasing rapidly, in the United States. Also, the rising health care costs are creating fear about financial security in the minds of those who are above 62 years of age. A good thing is that most of the people who belong to this group own their own homes with huge amount of equity. Reverse mortgage lenders can make the most out of this situation by targeting such people.”

The process that Heritus follows to collect details of leads is very much client-centered. First, a discussion is conducted with the clients to understand their exact requirements. Based on this discussion a questionnaire is prepared. This will contain questions, the answers to which will help Heritus find the exact match as per the specifications given by the client. The tele-marketing professionals of Heritus will then start contacting each and every lead from the list and ask them these questions. As soon as an exact match is found, the lead is immediately transferred to the client. Hence, these leads are called Reverse Mortgage Live Transfer Leads or Reverse Mortgage Leads Transfers. The faster a reverse mortgage lender contacts these leads the higher will be the chances of conversions.

Reverse mortgage is something that can make the retired life of a senior citizen peaceful and worry-free. The kind of financial security it gives them can help them deal with any situation quite comfortably. This fact makes it very easy for reverse mortgage lenders to nurture leads and convert them into customers. The idea is to approach them at the earliest, explain to them how reverse mortgage works and convince them that this is going to help them immensely.

Reverse Mortgage Live Transfer can help many reverse mortgage lenders save a lot of time and money on prospecting. It gives them qualified leads that hardly take any time to convert, if approached in the right way. Heritus takes every effort to make sure these prospects are eagerly awaiting calls from reverse mortgage lenders who will offer them the financial security that they require, to lead a comfortable and secure retired life. This lead generation firm is all set to offer a steady stream of such leads to help its clients achieve a constant growth in their business.

The Reverse Mortgage Leads that Heritus offers are those who haven’t really thought of mortgaging the houses they own. The concept is absolutely new to them. A lot of explanation will have to be done on how they are going to benefit from going for a reverse mortgage. Before doing this, Heritus believes that it is very important for a lender to understand the situation the prospect is in. This will open up the path for you to discuss what you have to offer your prospect.

Reverse mortgage may have a lot of benefits to the prospects. The first and the foremost thing that may appeal to the prospect is the fact that he doesn’t have to repay until he sells the house or dies. He can enjoy living in his home, while making use of the money that is paid to him, either as a lump sum or a monthly payment, as desired by the prospect. This money can be used for managing day-to-day expenses, maintaining overall health, paying up for medical treatments or even for taking a long memorable vacation.

While making the prospect understand how reverse mortgage can help him, it is wiser for the lender to explain to the prospect, what happens if he decides to sell the house or how this might affect his spouse or children, in the eventuality of his death. By doing so, it becomes easier to earn the trust of the prospect, which can help in going a long way towards conversion. Also, the lender will have to be prepared to clarify any queries that he might receive from the Reverse Mortgage Leads Transfers, offered to him by Heritus.

“Heritus understands how important it is for a business to acquire leads. We are also aware of the challenges involved in converting these leads. Thus, we put in all efforts to verify the leads that we offer to our customers,” says Jacob Moore, Marketing Manager at Heritus Marketing Group. “We believe in establishing lasting relationships with our clients and we therefore focus on helping them achieve their objectives. The trust that our clients place in us is the motivational factor that drives us to achieve success in what we do.”

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