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USA – 11/5/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Weiner lifted unauthorized copyrighted photo taken by Gareth Gooch of Jane Kim doing the Ed Lee “fear the mustache”, Ed Lee’s campaign slogan taken @ the political meet & greet hosted by drag queen Juanita Moore with performance artist Barbara Liu-McDowell dressed as Ed Lee.

Jane Kim’s meet and greet party was a party that Weiner was not at or was he obviously not invited to.  It was posted by Weiner’s friendemies on Facebook.  Weiner gave it to the Sing Tao Daily out of context framing Jane Kim as “not respecting our community”.  “Nothing could be further from the truth” said the first hand witness, Ed Lee impersonator herself, Barbara Liu-McDowell. Weiner claims people reacted negatively to the photo on the cover of the Sing Tao Daily so he could get away without getting permission or paying the artists he was exploiting.  Weiner forgot he had posed with the same Ed Lee impersonator just a year before which Barbara posted.  Weiner also was unaware that Barbara Liu-McDowell was The Goddess of Democracy, one of the most respected icons of the Chinese Community.

The Goddess of Democracy wants to expose Weiner.  He’s a dick that respects no one.

Full News Story: http://pressreleasejet.com/news/scott-wiener-disrespects-artists-chinese-community-attempting-to-slander-jane-kim.html

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