Why do 99% user around you put away TVpad and choose KOOCAN TV BOX ?

A few years ago, Tvpad provides a large number of television resources from other channels to user by technical means, it attracts a lot of consumers. At that time, practitioners were not aware of the impact of the resources provided by these different channels. Nowadays, in order to regulate the TV box market, China has paid enough attention to various types of audio and video copyright. It is blocked easily by the SARFT because of difference on television content quality, vulgar plot, Tvpad losing its advantages, and a lot of users lose their confidence.

As TVpad resources were stopped, and programs were turned off, the TV box became useless finally. Many users began to concern copyright, technical support, after-sales service etc. Recently, KOOCAN from Hong Kong released its latest product KOOCAN TV BOX, 99% of users said they put away the TVpad, choose and speak highly of KOOCAN TV BOX which with full genuine authority content, point-to-point professional services. Many users from North America, Australia consulted the product which features have been favored.

Simple and generous design According to KOOCAN responsible person, taking into account children at home, KOOCAN TV BOX used the half-moon type design which makes it different from similar products, it can be highly recognized at the same time avoid the right angle to scratch children in the accident. In addition, KOOCAN casing use frosted process, which creating a grainy sense of surface and enhances the anti-skid property, but also makes the product showing an advanced sense of craftsmanship.


Hardware configuration KOOCAN TV BOX updated hardware configuration overall. It is with Amlogic S905 OTT CPU, standard 8G DDR3 memory, and supports Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi wireless connection. Moreover Amlogic quad-core 64-bit processor supports 4K, H.265 hardware decoding, and easy to play 4K ultra-high-definition video, the perfection playing experience makes the box more desirable to users.


Full range of genuine contents In addition to the great hardware upgrade, KOOCAN TV BOX provides a full range of genuine film and television programs. No matter all kinds of CCTV, local TV channels which the elderly love to watch, no matter variety show, travel channels which young people like, of course, children’s favorite animation channels also included. VOD has a huge database. Users can enjoy a pleasant audio-visual experience at home with over 100,000 newest and most complete contents. Also more than 100 films, variety show and other contents will update once a week, it will give user a pleasant surprise.


Strong technical support team It is said that in order to ensure the world’s overseas Chinese can acquire a perfecter product experience, KOOCAN provide users with 365 × 24 hours of technical support to solve the users playing problem anytime. In addition, KOOCAN has hundreds of professional video development engineers, point-to-point customer service, so that each user can enjoy quality service.


Now it is obvious that why users choose KOOCAN TV BOX eventually. From design to content, the box can consider from the perspective of different ages, it meets current users’ multi-functional needs on product. In addition, the casing design, hardware configuration, genuine content, the team intentions to pursue the perfect user experience and many other factors make KOOCAN TV BOX more favorite.

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