Victoria Morgan’s Powerful Diatribe On Single Motherhood Is Soon To Hit The Shelves

November 7, 2016 – Sixteen women in the trenches of single parenthood decided it was time for a change. Searching for a platform to share their experiences with the world, these moms came up with the best way to leave a lasting contribution to the dialogue around modern parenthood: they created an honest, unapologizing anthology, titled Confessions of a Single Mother: The Struggle is Real.

Ms. Victoria A. Morgan takes pride in being a part of this pioneering group of women, who have embarked on a mission to shed light on the issues surrounding single motherhood. Detailing the struggles of day-to-day life as a single mother, the book goes on to give prominence to the numerous obstacles single moms face as they try to raise their children on their own, in an ever-changing world.

With an impressive academic record, including 3 university and law school degrees, Ms. Morgan is a lawyer, entrepreneur, mentor and philanthropist. Despite her multiple titles and envious qualifications, Ms. Morgan’s proudest role is being a mother to her three boys.

As a strong, confident and educated woman, Ms. Morgan did not succumb to peer pressure. Contrary to societal expectations, she rose above her circumstances and succeeded into maintaining a prosperous career, as well as forging a strong bond with her children.

A truly encouraging and uplifting tale of how making sacrifices, forgoing dead-end relationships and keeping faith amidst the storm can help one live the life they deserve, How Dare You Chase Your Dreams will resonate with single mothers everywhere, particularly with those who struggle to find meaning after embarking on this new chapter of their lives.

Remember the date: December 16, 2016, the day Confessions of a Single Mother: The Struggle is Real will launch, creating a buzz in the literary world.

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