Amusent, Premium Smartphone Accessories Company, Releases Revolutionary Slim-Pro Phone Stand

Hong Kong, November 7, 2016 – Smartphone users same the share struggle: they have no means of storing their phone safely within sight. Laying one’s phone against an object, while a commonplace tactic, is a veritably risky one, as it may lead to accidents, external, as well as internal phone damage, which, at times, might be permanent.

Many a smartphone accessories company has come up with some type of smartphone stand, targeting to the large demographic of solution-oriented smartphone users. However, all of these products’ designs are characterized by non-user friendly features such as excess weight, large volume and lack of user-friendliness.

Having taken the pulse of the market, Amusent has developed the Slim-Pro phone stand. Lightweight, portable and ultra slim, its dimensions are virtually identical to those of a credit card, making the Amusent Slim-Pro phone stand easy to store within any credit card slot, inside a wallet, purse or briefcase.

Responding to customers’ needs, the Amusent ultra slim phone stand can be used while participating in phone conferences, allowing users to preserve full control of their hands while conversing with colleagues or clients.

Additionally, the brand new Slim-Pro stand can serve as a means to use one’s phone while performing various other tasks, ensuring they remain aware of any incoming message or call that might be received while they are occupied.

The product can be personalized through Amusent’s high tech engraving and UV flatbed printing services, and can serve as either a bespoke, sleek phone accessory, or be handed out as a business offering to associates and clientele.

Amusent expects wide media coverage of the Slim-Pro model, which can also be used for other gadgets, such as tablets. The company foresees great demand and booming sales, as it is making a bold opening into a niche, yet-unclaimed market in the cell phone accessories category.

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