GNFEI offers smart printing machines to customers across the world

GNFEI offers printers that run on latest technology to deliver top-grade printing performance. It utilizes fastest shipping options to ensure swift delivery.

The use of printing devices is not restricted in official activities only. At present many commercial sectors are using sophisticated printers that run on latest software to imprint images, symbols, photos and other designer patterns on various items quite easily. There are many agencies that manufacture advanced printing devices of different configurations to satiate the growing requirements of clients. GNFEI is one such company that provides high-end printers for different commercial activities. All its products meet the prescribed international norms to maximize the satisfaction of clients. The specialized staffs of this agency strictly supervise each stage of production to ensure flawless functioning of these machines.

The agency offers high quality DTG Printer of different types that are quite useful for fast printing of images, photos and other designer patterns in A 3 t-shirts. This device can be operated either in full automatic or semi-automatic mode. The machine is quite compatible with C M Y K W W W W textile ink. It comes with EPSON R1900 printer head and supports long lifespan of over 3 years. It is based on RIP software and can print A4 Color image at the speed of 64 seconds. The commercial website of this company offers safe online shopping environment to customers without breaching their privacy.

GNFEI offers smart printing machines to customers across the world

The firm has also grabbed limelight for providing another top performing t-shirt printer which is commonly called A3 6 Color DTG T-Shirt Textile Garment Printer. This multi-function printing device is ideal to imprint decorative patterns in various t-shirts and usually runs on Auto Tray Control System. Using this machine one can also print designer patterns in items like metal, glass, pen, phone case etc. It is quite important to clean the printer head of this machine before changing ink. It normally functions on the technology of 6 color on-demand inkjet print mode. Customers can thoroughly compare the features and specifications before spending money on the ideal printing machine of their choice.

For increasing the purchasing option of buyers, the agency has introduced sophisticated garment printer that can effectively imprint designer images at controlled environment. It comes with automatic nozzle cleaning method using computer automatic cleaning function. The machine is bundled with heat function to pre-heat product like t-shirt before printing to obtain good quality image and enhance print speed. The firm utilizes fastest shipping options of DHL, FedEX, UPS etc to deliver ordered items within fixed period of time. The firm offers flexible return policy of 14 days to satiate the needs of customers.


GNFEI is a specialized manufacturer of top quality printers that run on latest printing software. It provides safe shopping environment to buyers and delivers products within fixed time.

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