Airwheel M3 quality electric airboard is A Bridge between Father and Son

Jason, a general manager of a listed company used to be so busy with work that he had no time to accompany his son. In his heart of hearts, he felt very sorry for him. However, an Airwheel M3 electric drift hover board has changed all that because M3 makes them become closer and closer.

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Every day Jason has to leave for work early and go back home late. He used to be so busy with work that he had no time to accompany his son. However, an Airwheel M3 has changed all that. After Jason sent his son a M3 electric drift hover board, they have become closer and closer. One day while Jason was waiting for the green light, he saw a man and a boy were skateboarding in the roadside park. The little boy was not skillful in skateboarding and kept practicing. The father was holding the remote control and encouraging the boy to slide farther. The boy slid slowly and laughed very jolly. These happy pictures reminded Jason of his son. They even didn’t have a dinner together in the recent weeks. So, Jason sent his son a M3.

Airwheel M3 electric hoverboard 

Jason learns that the board stickers can be replaceable or DIY. So Jason drew his son’s favorite cartoon character- Conan on the board. The special gift gave his son a pleasant surprise. He stepped on the M3 self-balancing air board and began to slide. For initial use, Jason opens phone Bluetooth to connect the Airwheel App to check current electricity and to realize App fault self-diagnosis. Under Jason’s help, his son familiarize himself with the keys in the remote control and then use it to control to go forward or backward.

Get on the board, adjust the posture to adapt to the board (lower gravity center is more stable), and push the remote control slowly. In the riding process, keep your gravity center stable. The turning of M3 electric air board is controlled by the change of board’s gravity center. It requires them to practice a lot before leaning to turn and please note the riding speed before turning. With the wireless remote control, he could surf on the land freely.

They play M3 electric skateboard together and laughed together. Airwheel skateboards M3 is a bridge father and son.

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