Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® Features Fornetix and Their Innovative Solutions for Data Encryption

Company Leaders Will Talk About Their Advanced Encryption Key Management Software

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(LOS ANGELES, November 8, 2016) — Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® announces an exclusive interview with top executives from Fornetix, a Northern Virginia-based advanced encryption key management solution company.  Jack Wright, COO and acting CEO and Chuck White, CTO, will be discussing the need for expanding effective and usable encryption technology for all security conscious enterprises and solution providers.

As cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated, it is necessary to have a great security system in place.  Fornetix created Key Orchestration to keep your data safe, by automating and simplifying the entire key lifecycle, to unleash the full power of encryption for your enterprise.

Fornetix has created a variety of solutions to protect your data at rest and in motion. Encryption is a powerful cybersecurity instrument.  But, unleashing the full power of encryption requires many keys, which must be tracked and changed.  Current cybersecurity products are not up to this task, so they are a barrier to effective encryption.  Fornetix created Key Orchestration to remove that barrier.

Wright says, “Most enterprises are faced with an incredible amount of attacks on their precious data and information about customers, about the enterprise itself. Enterprises are under attack 24 hours a day. We see that as a great opportunity for our company, which stresses encrypting all that data. Without encrypting it, it is going to be vulnerable.”

JL Haber, Vice President of Programming for Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®, is pleased to have Fornetix on the show, “Fornetix is different because it is designed to work with the systems that you already have in place, not replace them entirely. The company works to provide real time solutions that are going to be helpful and useful down the road as well as at the specific juncture.”

“Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® has reached into our cybersecurity world and selected Fornetix and Semper Fortis as companies that bring valuable contributions to the U.S. and global economies,” added Neal Taylor, VP of Sales and Marketing for Fornetix. “Their highly skilled people and powerful capabilities provide an opportunity for us to ensure that good people struggling to build enterprise value while surrounded by cyber-criminals receive the message that the solution to deploying robust encryption solutions has arrived.”

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