5 Ways To Prevent Injuries By Wearing Volleyball Knee Pads

CZECH REPUBLIC – 11/8/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Volleyball is a sport that needs swift and repeated body movements. Players jump, land, twist, dive, slide, kneel and perform every other possible action during the play.

As volleyball is played on a hard surface, players are prone to injuries on fingers, shoulders, legs, knees, ankle, Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) and the lower back. Broadly, volleyball injuries can be categorized into two types: Chronic or Acute. Chronic injuries occur due to overuse of joints or muscles without proper healing. Acute injuries are unexpected or abrupt injuries due to improper landing or sudden force.

As for any sport, in volleyball also injuries are unavoidable. However, some precautions can save players from acute injuries. These precautions include proper strength training, sufficient warm up and cooling period, correct posture while jumping and landing and use of right accessories.

Knee injuries are most common among volleyball players. A good quality volleyball knee pads can help prevent some injuries or at least reduce the impact of an injury. Below are some common injuries faced by volleyball players and how these can be prevented using knee pads:

1) Strain and Sprains
Strain and sprain are the most common injury from any sport. It leads to swelling and pain on the impacted body part. Wearing knee pads provide extra support to the knees thus lowering the immediate impact on muscles.

2) Bruising
As players, jump and land too often, bruising of knees is very common. Wearing knee pads during your volleyball training can prevent from hurting and contusion.

3) ACL
ACL is one of the main four ligaments of knees. In the case of sudden landing at inappropriate angles, these can get torn and ruptured. Treating the ACL injury can take long and is often excruciating. By wearing volleyball knee pads prevent the knees and ligaments around it from the jerk and rupturing.

4) Cartilage Injury
Cartilage in the knees act as shock absorbers. As volleyball players perform repetitive movements, at times this can result in excessive pressure and overuse of the cartilage. It can even lead to locked knees. Wearing knee pads absorb a certain amount of force thus preventing all the force and pressure to reach the cartilage directly.

5) Runner’s Knee Injury 
In young players, due to improper knee alignment and overuse of knees the undersurface of the knee cap might get softened and deteriorate. This might not be severe in the beginning but can prove serious with age. The best way to prevent it by avoiding repeated stress on knees. As this might not always be possible, players must ensure to use volleyball knee pads to provide support to knees all time.

Today there are several companies offering sports accessories in the market. A well-tested and efficient product ensures injuries are prevented. With over fifteen years of experience in volleyball, the VolleyCountry volleyball knee pads with bamboo, provide extra safety, support, and act as the heat stabilizer for knees. Though injuries will still happen, however, they assure to provide maximum protection against sudden jerk and force around knees. 

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