Barack the Barbarian Comic Returns for One Last Election Day Battle

New “Blue and Red Wedding” Short Story to Accompany Barack the Barbarian Trade Paperback

CHICAGO, IL – 11/8/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — The comic book publisher that brought the world a loincloth wearing, sword wielding fantasy version of our current President in 2009 is back with one final short story send-off, included in a new collected edition from Devil’s Due Entertainment. 

Returning are story favorites Hillaria and her companion Biil and former King Boosh, as well as newcomers The Clump, and an old wizard known only as the Berning Man.

The collection, entitled Barack the Barbarian: No F***** Left to Give, piggy backs on the recent internet meme craze dubbed “No F**** Obama” featuring our almost retired POTUS finally expressing opinions long restrained. The collection features a new short story wherein Barack the Chicagoan, as a grand gesture before stepping down from the throne of the Kingdom of Warshingtun, invites everyone and anyone of power to attend the marriage of the blue and red clans of the realm. The story obviously parodies another popular fantasy story, which means one can only wonder what the outcome of this will be? 

“If you thought the first series pushed the limits of satire, well, buy this one at your own risk”, says writer Josh Blaylock, “This is a rather cathartic outlet for anyone just kind of throwing their hands up in the air at the current political climate.” Blaylock reunites with artist Hoyt Silva for “The Blue and Red Wedding.” The two previously collaborated on the 2015 critically acclaimed graphic novel Operation Nemesis: A Story of Genocide and Revenge, tackling the controversial subject of the Armenian Genocide. 

The collection includes issues 1-4 of the series that started it all Barack the Barbarian: Quest for the Treasure of Stimuli, written by G.I. Joe and Wolverine writer Larry Hama with art by Chris Schons,  and takes a satirical look at politics through the eyes of a grandfather in the distant future. In a frozen world in a future ice-age, the old man tells his grandchildren the legend of Barack Obama… give or take a few, or a few dozen, embellishments.

Barack the Barbarian: No F***** Left to Give is available for sale at comic shops nationwide and

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