S. Kramer Herzog Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Create Documentary: Spark Plug Cowboys

S. Kramer Herzog is creating a documentary entitled Spark Plug Cowboys. In this film, he delves deep into the car club culture of fun-filled America in the 1950s/early 60s with first hand accounts and original footage from the time.

As a part of the car club culture of the 50s and 60s, Herzog knew it was a special time.  He wants to capture those fascinating true stories for posterity.  In his head for over 30 years, his idea is now spilling onto the big screen as a full length documentary.

Centered around the automobile culture and told by first hand accounts, Spark Plug Cowboys is told by those who sparked this fun-loving, youth-based, community-serving, mid-century culture.  So much more than souped-up motors, cruising, street racing, ducktail hairstyles, Lucky Strikes, pegged pants, and pony kegs, the film captures true stories of what inspired mid-century youth overall during such a brief, carefree moment in time, and what sustains and carries them forward for decades since.  
Spark Plug Cowboys allows viewers to feel the heartbeat of those yesteryear drag races—the pride of winning and the stakes and humility of losing.  The memories go deep, long, and personal.  Delivering endearing and enduring stories about the social ups and downs of the time, viewers gain insight into many of the modern car techniques practiced today—car customization and the steady handed art of pinstriping.  Spark Plug Cowboys takes you back to a time of innocence and Americana.

About the Film Makers

S. Kramer Herzog – a multi-award winning documentarian, he was one of the original Spark Plug Cowboys.
Leonard Marcel – A partner with Herzog since 2011, he has made hundreds of feature films and commercials, some while at Skywalker South in Santa Monica, California.
Other team members include:
  • Jean Zerrudo, Associate Producer

  • David Peters, Photographer and Lighting Expert

  • Saul Rouda, Location Sound Mixer

  • Ed Dudkowski, Consulting Producer

  • Abigail Cadelina, Blog Director

The Indiegogo campaign, located on the web at https://igg.me/at/SPARKPLUG offers pledge levels from $25 to $10,000, including everything from a donor’s name in the credits to being a movie co-producer.  For more information, visit the Indiegogo page.

About Spark Plug Cowboys: 

Spark Plug Cowboys is the name of a full length documentary delving into the car club culture of the 1950s and 1960s with first hand accounts and raw video footage of the time.

Media Contact
Company Name: Spark Plug Cowboys
Contact Person: Kramer Herzog
Email: jzslider@aol.com
Phone: 4154536783
City: San Rafael
State: California
Country: United States
Website: SparkPlugCowboys.com