Airwheel A3 Two Wheel Electric Walkcar – A Sweet Gift For Girlfriend

Many boys rack their brains to select a suitable gift for their girls on important dates. Take it easy this year, because Airwheel is going to recommend a decent, high-safety and practical gift for their girlfriends and its name is Airwheel A3 two wheel electric walkcar.

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Maybe, boys rack their brains to select a gift ever before, but this year they will be at ease, because Airwheel offers an excellent gift and its name is Airwheel A3 electric scooter with seat. From the aspect of externality, Airwheel A3 is quite fashionable and high-end. Two high-quality 16-inch tyres with concave-convex patterns enjoy better adaptability to some bad road conditions and stronger road holding capability.

electric scooter with seat

Airwheel A3 2 wheel electric scooter is also equipped with a comfortable leather saddle. Under the saddle, it is hydraulic suspension system and it can absorb shocks on bumpy roads and control speed when going downhill, which ensures the comfort and safety during riding course. On the top of spring, the automatic steering-sensor system is installed there. The iridescent light makes Airwheel A3 full of personality and the notification light also guarantees the riding safety.

Airwheel A3

What’s more, the silicon handles give better protection to hands. On the middle of handles, there is a 4-inch LED displayer, which can clearly show the real-time data of Airwheel A3 intelligent power scooter, including current speed, temperature, mileage and remaining battery. Of course, such function can also be realized via the mobile App. A beautiful lady combined with a fashionable Airwheel A3 two wheel saddle-equipped scooter adds vitality and young blood to the video. The hot girl rides an A3 scooting around the streets and displaying the fashion and trend for the new generation.

Airwheel A3 is also practical. Airwheel A3 two wheel electric walkcar is driven by 520Wh lithium-ion battery that sustains a long enough range after a full charge, which paves the way for wide applications. As a daily transport, girls can ride it to go to work or to school every day. On weekends, they can ride it to shopping mall with friends or to have a date with boyfriends.

Airwheel A3 two wheel self-balancing electric scooter is like a life companion of girls.

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