Airwheel E3 Backpack Electric foldable Bike – Very Handy and User-friendly

By virtue of its light weight and multiple folding system, Airwheel E3 backpack e bike is very handy. And valuing user experience, E3 improves every detail to give you a satisfying ride.

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As a smart e bike, Airwheel E3 backpack e bike is carefully crafted. Handy and user-friendly, it ensures you a great riding experience. 

Airwheel E3 intelligent e bike

High-quality in materials and ingenious in folding design, Airwheel E3 intelligent e bike is very handy. Quite noticeably, the weight of E3 is only 12.5kg, however, it can bear a maximum load of 100kg. The reason behind this is that its body is made of light and strong aluminum alloy while its battery is made of light and excellent car-level Li-ion battery set. So light and powerful, E3 can let you bid farewell to clumsiness, for example, you can easily carry it upstairs. It is also noteworthy that E3 can be easily folded to as small as a backpack thanks to its multiple folding design.

E3 backpack e bike

Ingeniously crafted, the frame of E3 is designed as two circles that are both foldable and competent to store the two tyres when the bike is folded, so it can make E3 incredibly compact. Moreover, the handlebars, the pedals and the saddle of E3 are all foldable, saving as much space as possible. So powerful in foldability, E3 can be put into its customized roller bag, enabling you to take it around and achieving extreme portability. In a word, E3 backpack e bike can stay by your side and wait for your use. 

Placing importance on user experience, Airwheel E3 folding e bike focuses on details in an effort to provide a comfortable riding experience. The saddle of E3 is of left-right design. In accord with Ergonomics, this saddle can offer balanced force and good ventilation, making you comfortable in the whole riding process. Moreover, the handlebar of E3 is very multifunctional. It includes EBS, bell, headlight and phone holder, letting you have a safe ride day and night. In addition, the built-in USB port on the battery of E3 enables you to charge smart phones and tablets on your way, avoiding the upsetting moments of losing touch with others. In a nutshell, E3 improves every detail to give you an enjoyable ride.   

In summary, with such a great bike E3, you can enjoy a wonderful travel.

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