The most representative oriental beauty face in London, an interview of Wang Zi Jin

(Photo by Lisa Huang)

Born on November 17, 1993 in Beijing, Wang Zi Jin was a graduate from The Central Academy of Drama, the top university of arts in China. Presently, she is a postgraduate student in London. She is considered as the most beautiful oriental girl thanks to her traditional and classical Chinese beauty. We are very glad to interview this young Chinese celebrity.

Q1: How long have you been in London? What’s your impression of this city?

A: I have been in London for over one year. It’s a multicultural metropolis where people of different races from various countries worldwide gather together. It’s a modern but historical city with both fashion and tradition mixed. I learnt a lot in this city, a valuable chapter in my life course.

Q2: Can you talk about how much the differences between the east and the west affect your life as an overseas student?

A: As I can adapt to new environments quickly and comprehend the differences between western and Chinese culture and values, these differences have little impact on me. Just do in Rome as the Romans do. However, some online videos make most foreigners misunderstand Chinese, for instance, the video of the misconduct by Chinese tourists. Many people see China as it was in old China. Actually China has changed a lot with rapid development, and I feel proud of being a Chinese. But it’s a pity that many people know little about China, a nation with splendid traditional culture and excellent morality, and high-speed economic and technological development.


(Photo by Lisa Huang & Chanyapak Kanchanabat)  

Q3: We all know that you had been familiar to Chinese fans as the campus belle of The Central Academy of Drama during the undergraduate years. And now you are also considered to be the most beautiful oriental beauty girl in Europe. What do you think about such titles? And what’s the influence upon you?

A: I really appreciate your acceptation, but I think what I’m going to do should be more than this. In addition to appearance, there’s large space for me to improve as I’m still young. In fact, there are many oriental females in my mind that I should learn from. They are smart and pretty females of new times, who have not only beautiful appearance but also professional knowledge and wise mind. Appearance of a person is innate, while other things can be acquired via postnatal efforts. Regarding the influence of these titles, I think it’s not a big deal. I felt surprised at first and became indifferent to these later. As classmates all know, I always work hard in a modest and practical way to make me better.


(Photo by Lisa Huang)

Q4: You must suffer some setbacks and challenges during your stay in London. Can you share your experience with us?

A: Our curriculum was too demanding that seemed like a challenging game to me. There is always another difficulty waiting for you after one demanding stage with no stop. I often stayed up all night and slept late, suffered from deficient sleep. But I learned a lot and changed much during this period, with more strength and courage. And as you know, a girl who lives alone in a foreign country will inevitably feel helpless and desperate when she cannot rely on anyone but by herself. I am very glad that I have recovered myself. And I firmly believe there is a promising future for me.

Q5: I guess your fans must be curious about your future plan. Are you going to stay abroad for further development?

A: Well, I plan to go travelling in Europe for a while after graduation, and then go back to China. It’s my motherland that I have profound emotion to. In my opinion, we shall come back to our hometown driven by the profound emotion to our motherland.

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