November 10, 2016: Contemporary paranormal romance author ClareMarie has begun her newest production as the Shadows trilogy has just begun. This is expected to be an anticipated work as it brings in a new voice to the world of fantasy literature. The books are being presented by an exciting new figure that will entertain all sorts of people who are interested in surprising stories of all kinds.

ClareMarie introduced details on the first book in the trilogy, Into the Shadows, this past month. The book is expected to be released on November 10, 2016. Her new book is more than four hundred pages of surprising and intense romantic intrigue.

This is a series that takes place far off in the future, specifically in the year 3000. The story is about a group of people known as Paranormals who live among other humans. These are people who are immortal and have many amazing superhuman powers.

While these people want to live their lives in peace, a government has abducted them in the hopes of studying these people and reviewing more about their powers and what makes them unique.

The story focuses on Ava James, a woman who was raised to believe all her life that she is human. But soon she discovers that he is not a human but rather a Paranormal. This leads her into a tailspin as she has to find a way to survive amid the pressures that are being imposed onto her.

ClareMarie has expressed a very strong interest in writing over the years and that interest clearly shows in her work on this book. She is a native of England who currently lives in Galway, Ireland and has been writing since she was around fourteen years of age. She started out as a songwriter and eventually built more of a passion for writing.

The Shadows trilogy is her first endeavor in the world of literature. She is excited to share her amazing voice with the world.

Into the Shadows will be available on Amazon in the United Kingdom and United States. Createspace, iTunes, Kobo and Barnes & Noble will also be selling the book. People can purchase the book online through any of these places.

People can also download a few chapters of the book for free. These can be found at @InstaFreebie on social media or through

ClareMarie does not show any real signs of slowing down either. She will be releasing another series of books, the Rockstar Alliance series, in the near future. Details on the series will be made available in the future. Until then, people will have the Shadows trilogy to check out when looking for entertaining paranormal and romantic stories that take them to different worlds.

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