Airwheel Z5 2 wheel electric scooter Strikes a Pose on the Stage of EICMA 2016

Airwheel Z5 advocates portable and comfortable riding style. Triple-folding system makes it small enough to put in elevator, subway, public bus or even car trunk. Based on modular design, its battery is replaceable and thus unlimited range becomes possible. The installed USB connector supplies power for carry-on electronic devices in the journey. It has been the focus on EICMA.

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On the long-expected EICMA, Airwheel brings its great achievements and strike a pose on its stage. Airwheel Z5 2-wheeled electric scooter is one of them. It has done great job in minimalism. The smooth figure line, light weight, triple folding system, replaceable battery and lithium-ion battery become a brand-new traveling style, which is portable, safe, comfortable and eco-friendly. The following will introduce it to more people in details.
Airwheel Z5
At the very first glance of Airwheel Z5 urban e scooter, people will see how it realizes minimalism. It is like a capital “L” as a whole. The adopted triple folding system makes it small enough to put in many small spaces, such as elevator, subway, bus or trunk of a car and so on. Its battery adopts modular design. It means that the battery can be replaced easily, which paves the way for unlimited range. Those people who hope for long-distance trip had better choose Airwheel Z5.
Airwheel Z5
What if people’s phone, camera or other electronic device is out of battery? Don’t worry! There is an efficient USB connector in the battery, which supplies power for those devices anytime and anywhere. In the meantime, its height is adjustable, which is ranging from 1.5m to 2.1m. That will widen the consumer base largely.
Airwheel Z5
Airwheel Z5 mini electric scooter makes rider-friendly come true. The front-standing riding posture is helpful to reduce the fatigue of feet and legs. Riders will get comfortable riding experience. The sensitive brake system will offer quick, safe and stable brake. Until now, many people may be curious about the application field of Airwheel Z5 electric scooter. Briefly speaking, it is suitable for all of travels from all people. Adults can ride it to go to work and students can ride it to go to school.

Airwheel, at Hall 4, Stand F50 is worth your attention.

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