AUSTIN, TX – 11/12/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Georgetown ISD’s Birkelbach Field upgraded its football field and practice field turf this summer. The district went with Hellas Construction for their well-known Matrix™ Turf with Helix technology to replace both football field turfs this summer. The district has used Hellas for previous track, baseball, and softball projects.

“I haven’t experienced another field better than this,” said Todd York, GISD Director of Athletics. “Players themselves have mentioned how soft and playable it is and we have had numerous compliments on how the turf looks,” York said. “We already felt like we had the best stadium in the area, now we have the best turf to go along with it,” he said.

The Matrix Turf with Helix Technology that Georgetown ISD selected for their fields is the same turf installed at AT&T Stadium and The Star – the new Home of the Dallas Cowboys. Baylor also installed the same turf in McLane Stadium and Cal-Berkeley purchased it for California Memorial Stadium. It’s the most resilient, stable, and durable monofilament fiber turf on the market. It consists of twisted fibers of two different blade sizes and colors, creating a more natural looking surface with enhanced playability that bounces back quickly after use, prevents “splash out” of the infill material. The product’s quality, performance, and longevity are unmatchable.

Even football referees are noticing the difference of the turf at Georgetown versus other local stadiums. “I felt like the field was softer and supported me better,” said Mike Suits, a referee from Texas Association of Sports Officials, Austin Chapter.  “The thing that stood out as really unique to me was that I didn’t have to empty the black rubber out of my shoes after every quarter,” Suits said. “Normally my shoes are full of the black beads after the game, but after the game on this field, I had none,” he said. “Not one!”

York agreed, “Usually there were black pellets everywhere in the locker rooms after the games, but with the new turf from Hellas, there are barely any pellets.”

With the new turf, the Georgetown Eagles went 8-2 this season and they have their first playoff game this weekend. The Georgetown complex will be hosting its very first playoff game between Giddings and Waco-Connally tonight at 7pm.

The Eagles are hoping for a win and the possibility for a home playoff game soon. Hellas Construction wishes all the high school teams playing this weekend good luck.

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