NEW YORK – 11/14/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Sharp and Savvy, a new, full-service eCommerce and household innovation company dedicated to researching and producing never-before-seen products that make strides in curbing waste and environmental degradation on our planet, this week officially unveiled their highly anticipated reusable Extra Long Stainless Steel Straws and accompany cleaning brush. 

Just in time for the holidays, Sharp and Savvy are also currently including a sale with their box of 4 stainless steel straws, and delivering the product in a simple, yet fashionable box that is convenient and easy to gift to any family, friend, or coworker.

“It’s time to get kooky and creative with holiday gifting this year – that’s why we’re proud to announce the launch of our reusable and stainless stylish steel straws for all homeowners,” said Mel, Co-Founder and Owner of Sharp and Savvy. 

Incredibly environmentally friendly compared to the plastic straws that are thrown away after a single use, Sharp and Savvy’s Straws can be used an infinite amount of times, and come with a special brush to ensure cleanup is fast and efficient. The stainless steel composition makes them rust proof, non-toxic ecological alternatives to plastic straws. The 4-pack comes with a one-year guarantee.

“These straws are perfect for 20 and 30 oz. tumblers, long cocktails, lemonades, sodas, and even protein shakes,” said Deborah. “Consider gifting friends and families with something they can use this holiday season – head on over to our Amazon to learn more about our revolutionary straw product.”

By using the stainless steel straws, owners will save considerably on the amount of plastic straw boxes they would have otherwise had to purchase throughout the years.

Gift-wrapping is available with purchase, making it a quick and easy holiday selection.

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