The NoCrop InstaPic App Changes The Way Photos Are Presented And Shared On Social Media

GUJARAT, India – It is hard to imagine what social media would look like without pictures, as photo sharing is an intrinsic part of maintaining an online presence. The advent of the NoCrop InstaPic App is set to create a milestone in the evolution of this key feature across all social media platforms, as it has made editing and uploading pictures easier, faster and more creative than ever before.

The NoCrop InstaPic App allows users to present their photos in the best possible way, highlighting their best attributes and adding fun features which will render them unique and incredibly attractive.

What makes the NoCrop InstaPic App stand out is the fact that it permits use of one’s photos in their entirety, without the need to readjust their size through cropping, thus making them highly visible on all social media platforms that showcase pictures in a square form.

Through browsing the app’s extremely user-friendly interface, users can resize and rotate their picture, as well as choose a fun picture background from the app’s extensive, pre-installed theme gallery. The NoCrop InstaPic App also provides a wide range of bespoke filters, which instantly help raise the aesthetic value of any photo.

To correct any lighting issues, or simply to allow NoCrop InstaPic App users to explore their creative side, the app affords users the opportunity to adjust their photos’ brightness, contrast, saturation, warmth and exposure, to their desired levels.

Furthermore, NoCrop InstaPic App users can also add text, as well as emoticons, to their photos, in order to communicate their message to their friends and loved ones. A wide array of both text fonts and cute emoticons is currently available, while more are expected to be added in the future.

Once the photo editing session is concluded, pictures can be uploaded to any social media platform, be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp and more, with a single finger tap.

The NoCrop InstaPic App has already gained a significant following, while app downloads are soon to surpass the one million mark.

Currently available on the Google Play Store, the NoCrop InstaPic App is set to reach the large audience of avid social media Android users across the globe, in record time.

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