Mr. Checkout Now Seeking New Products For Independent Retailers

14 Nov, 2016 – Mr. Checkout is a well known national association comprising of numerous independent full line distributors, wagon jobbers and grocery distributors that aims at highlighting new products every day to grab the attention of big chain stores and retailers. has offered their distribution service for about 35000 to 45000 stores approximately across the country.

They have been the acting force behind the introduction of top consumer brands like Maybelline, Keurig, Playboy, 5 hour energy etc. When checking the website link at, one would be able to know that they have offered an invitation to the sellers of hot new products to know whether it is fit for independent distribution.They conduct review meetings to discuss about the way through which the new products can arrive at big chain stores and independent retailers. They also make an analysis about the market readiness, marketability and consumer demand of every product line. They have a perfectly streamlined system with their online platform to make sure that both the suppliers and distributors of the products have enough transparency in every step of a process.

Mr. Checkout makes sure that every grocery store supplier working with them, are evaluated for their ability to work with the independent distributors in an impeccable fashion. According to Mr. Joel Goldstein, President of Mr. Checkout said in a statement, “We review and hold discussions about the products and the concerns raised by our distributors or executive team during such sessions. We have a goal to ensure that each product, which takes both energy as well as time to reach us for distribution, is offered a very fair evaluation. Sometimes, some strange products that are introduced to the distributors by us perform in an impeccable fashion.”

According to the link at, Mr. Checkout aims at performing independent distribution across specialty stores to cater to the needs of the store and to fulfill the demands their customers have. As these specialty stores that are independent prefer a well established product that can be sold quickly, Mr. Checkout contacts a local specialty store to get an idea about which kind of products would perform well in the market. As soon as they find a potential distributor, they make sure that a relationship is established with the independent specialty retailer, as it is very essential for product placement. The distributor who has a perfect reputation of maintaining a cordial relationship with the independent specialty retailer will be able to receive the products smoothly. So, the distributor with an impressive track record will be able to allot the required shelf space to help the new product to settle. The suppliers of new products just have to contact the team at Mr. Checkout to review their products and get it ready for distribution across various independent distributors in the country.

About Mr. Checkout:

Mr. Checkout is a group of wagon jobbers, convenience store distributors, independent distributors, merchandisers and wholesale to distributor warehouse firms. Mr. Checkout is not a franchise and every distributor would be autonomous and independent with complete control over their businesses. 

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