BrightTouch Designs Tangle-Free, Frustration-Free Packaging for All Fairy Lights

With a product that customers are raving about, BrightTouch has released new, frustration free packaging for their copper wire fairy lights. Easy to use, reusable, and including mounting stickers that stick to nearly any surface, the new packaging only makes the product inside better.

With their newest product, USB powered fairy lights, proving to be a resounding success, BrightTouch is now taking strides towards incorporating customer feedback into new packaging designs. The new design promises no frustration and no tangled wires, making it even easier and more user friendly to use these lights.

Customers have long be the central theme in so many of the BrightTouch designs, but the popularity of the new copper wire fairy lights has net the company a good haul full of feedback and ideas. Many of the same ideas are repeated, and it is those ideas that the company is taking and incorporating into their new packaging.

“It will be the same great product that our customers have resoundingly said that they love,” explains Mark Nilan, director of BrightTouch marketing. “The big difference will be that we’ve taken ideas and feedback into account to design a package that is minimalistic, with a low impact on the environment, resealable, and one which prevents the copper wire from tangling up.”

All of what is being worked into the new packaging design comes directly from customers who have brought some things to the company’s attention. From the trouble that some customers had due to the wire getting tangled up when it was being unwrapped, to the idea that once open, there was no place to store the lights when they weren’t in use, to requests for help in hanging the lights, each of the concerns brought up along the way have been addressed with new additions to the packaging of BrightTouch products.

“Each of our light strands now come wrapped around a special card that keeps the wire from tangling up,” describes Nilan. “And customers will find special stickers inside the pack that help in hanging the lights up on nearly any surface.”

The package itself is resealable too, giving customers a place to store their lights when they are no longer in use for the season, making it possible to keep them safe and away from damage when they are being stored in holiday storage boxes.

“We are super excited about our new packaging, and we know our customers will be too,” says Nilan.

With the popularity of these fairy lights only growing every day, the company plans to continue to incorporate customer feedback and ideas in order to develop the perfect lighting solution for any magical moment or place. As a company that thrives on creativity, it’s no wonder that BrightTouch has found an untapped source of development in their customers themselves.

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BrightTouch is a small, family owned company that works hard to develop the most magical lighting solutions for any event or purpose. From camping to nightlighting, BrightTouch fairy lights are the perfect touch for customers everywhere.

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