Sleep in the Container to Appreciate Sceneries Along the Sichuan-Tibet Line; “Empty Island Plan” Creates a New Touring Experience

Source: Sichuan Tourism News Network. Author: Chen Chen


15 Nov, 2016 – According to the news (Journalist Feng Chaoying) of Sichuan Tourism News Network, on November 1, a team composed of geologists, industrial designers, photographers, travelers and so on set off from Chengdu to carry out investigations at the places along the Sichuan-Tibet line.

For the container camp settled down along this line next year, they will select the location which owns most beautiful sceneries and best fits for living.

Are you tired of the fixed pattern of tourism? Do you lose interest in the unchanged travelling pattern? On October 31, the “Empty Island Plan” launched by Brain Cell Team will be officially started in Chengdu. In this plan, many container camps, “ islands for real travelers”, will be built on the mountain, in the gorge, beside the lake and sea, and so on, to bring a new experience for travelers to enjoy the fun of travelling. G318 Sichuan-Tibet Line will be the first stop to make “Empty Island Plan” come true.

According to the information, the container camp not only can be built at the place that the traditional hotel can’t be located to let tourists take photos on the viewing deck, but also can let tourists leisurely appreciate the sceneries by living beside them. Besides, the cost for constructing a container camp is relative less, thus, it can make the travelling cost of traveler less. At the same time, the whole design of container camp created by “Empty Island Plan” will be themed by young, fashionable, cool, etc. the container camp owns strong seismic resistance and non-deformability; it is solid and durable, and can resist all kinds of severe environments. The service life can reach over 20 years.

Sun Quan, the cosponsor of “Empty Island Plan’ expressed that at present, the team is planning to construct 5 core camps that own most beautiful sceneries and are relatively suitable for living. “Now that we are engaging in immersive travelling, we will also select the places that have extremely beautiful sceneries, but difficult for living, to construct small-scale experience camps for the travelers who pursue the extremity.” According to the information, though the container looks simple, it owns modern facilities. “Facing the sceneries to take a hot bath and opening the curtain in the house with air conditioner to watch snow mountains can all be realized.”

Moreover, hotel is only a carrier; this plan will also bring tourists the whole travelling experience. In order to provide the best travelling experience, experience bases such as “fire balloon, paragliding, and starry sky observation telescope” will be constructed around these camps according to the area and scenery. Sun Quan told the journalist of Sichuan Tourism News Network, “For example, we will construct a ‘Fire Balloon Camp’ beside the Empty Island Camp in Tagong Grassland to let each traveler take a fire balloon to watch ‘snow line connecting Gongga Mountain and Yala Mountain’, and so on.”

When can such camp be open for the public? The journalist learned about that along with the setoff of investigation team, it will be started construction in March next year after the site selection, and in May, it can be opened for the public. According to the camp location, each camp will have about 5-30 containers which can provide 10-50 beds for travelers. At that time, there will be nationally famous hotel management companies to conduct basic operations, establish normative service standards and create jobs for the local residents to the most extent. 

Introduction to No.318 Sichuan-Tibet Line

No.318 National Road starts from Shanghai and passes Zhejiang, Anhui, Hubei, Chongqing and Sichuan, and ends at Friendship Bridge in Tibet. The whole length is 5476 meters. The south section of Sichuan-Tibet Line which is the Chengdu-Lasa section of No.318 National Road is a section with most beautiful and wonderful sceneries along this line. The sceneries along the way is ever-changing, colorful and varied. Walking in it, you can experience the fantastic feeling of “different skies at two sides of mountain, and four seasons in a day”. It is also universally recognized as the most dangerous road which most difficult for passing. The region of Hengduan Mountains at the east of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau which it passes is an alpine and gorge region with most complex and unique terrain in the world. This is a road that is most desired in the world. Each person who comes here will remember it for a life. Of course, to a person who likes travelling and expedition, this is a road that must be passed in the life. You can feel it only if you pass it!

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