Industry Expert Publishes Book with Success Formula for Maximizing The Opportunities in Digital Transformation

November 16, 2016– Nadia Vincent, a senior Business and Technology Management Consultant, is pleased to announce the launch of her new book, The Digital Transformation Success Formula and her digital transformation leadership support portal The Digital Transformation Success Formula is a practical book that captures how leaders, business executives, and technology leaders can lead, engage and transform their organization to achieve success in the digital age.

The digital revolution is creating a new future, and it presents a lot of opportunities for businesses and individuals that are not too entangled in the “now.”

Written by a highly experienced professional, the book is engaging and straight to the point. The book launch takes place on November 17, 2016, with a launch webinar.

In today’s mobile-first, cloud-first world, technology is interwoven into every aspect of our daily lives. The cloud-enabled applications on our mobile devices guide our decisions and instantly connect us to our social circles. Technology has clearly transformed both people’s personal lives, social life, and professional life.

The C-level or C-suite (CEO, CIO,CFOs, …), business and technology leaders need practical and effective solutions to implement successful business transformation. The Digital Transformation Success Formula delivers solutions for all essential aspects of a business or organization.  

The Digital Transformation Success Formula is a must-have for all business leaders, executives, digital transformation leaders because it will transform their personal and professional lives, and promote their business or organizations to the digital age. Organizations and businesses who do not transform, will not survive in the digital age.  No matter where they are in the transformation process, this book will save them time, money and guide them to innovate and thrive in the digital age. Says Nadia, the book author.

The digital Transformation Success Formula by M. Nadia Vincent is a professional and practical guide for leaders as CIOs, IT manager, business executives and digital transformation leaders alike. It starts with the leader’s self-transformation so that he/she can transform his/her business or organization holistically.

The book is available in Paperback and Kindle formats on Amazon and many other libraries. Bulk offer is also available for businesses and organizations who want to offer “transformation” as an end-of-year gift for their leaders.

For more information about the book and the book launch webinar event, visit:

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