Launched Rounded, Square and Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses for Women, an online store that sells all sorts of designer sunglasses for men and women, recently launched a new collection of sunglasses for both men and women, including sunglasses for round faced women., an online retailer of different types of sunglasses, recently launched their latest selection of sunglasses for women, including sunglasses for women with round face. The owners claimed that the sunglasses for round faced women are indeed some of the best sunglasses for round faced women ever launched by them. They maintained that these sunglasses come in various shades, colors, types and sizes and are a major throwback to the styling and fashion trends of the 1970s.

“Some of the greatest cultural icons ever born on this planet have donned this kind of sunglasses. The round sunglasses for women and men which we have launched now are kind of spin-offs of the original rounded sunglasses that were pretty much in vogue back in those days. However, as with many things fashion and movies, the retro fashion trends are going through a reboot, which many of the fashionable women and men of today like,” said a sales and marketing executive of while announcing the launch.

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In addition to the sunglasses for round faced women, the retail store online has also launched black square oversized sunglasses which have gone all the rage among younger women in recent times. The owners claimed that these specific types of sunglasses are suitable for any face shape. They also said that the latest range of black square sunglasses for men and women are some of the trendiest ones on the market today.

“We always strive to bring the latest designs and trends in sunglasses to our online shoppers and long time patrons. We are also happy to announce the launch of women’s silver mirrored aviator sunglasses, which has become the latest vogue for women who love to wear sunglasses in all seasons,” said the CEO and managing director of the e-retail store while unveiling the latest collection of sunglasses. He also maintained that their immediate and long-term aim is to bring more sunglasses for men and women to the market at regular intervals as that is part of the commitment their brand firmly stands on.

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