Bringing Promotional Products To Brands Nationwide, Lisa Chalker Is Leading The Way

Lisa Chalker, of Family Affair Distributing, is committed to giving clients a full-service, custom-fit approach to promotional products that drive brand recognition and enhance successful marketing campaigns, nationwide.

Lisa Chalker is helping her clients establish reputable brand credibility through her business, Family Affair Distributing, Inc. (

A strategy-driven promotional products company, Family Affair Distributing operates with the core principle of providing ideal promotional products that help in creating a new or reinforcing an existing brand.

“By using promotional products in creative marketing campaigns, we help keep your brand visible in the minds of your clients, prospects and referral sources,” Chalker says.

Delivering one-on-one service to her clients, Chalker is committed to building relationships with her customers beyond simply handing out catalogs of merchandise or directing them to a website. With guaranteed personalized service, Family Affair Distributing offers clients targeted and on-point promotional items that are a custom fit. Chalker focuses on meeting each client’s needs by focusing on each client, getting to know their individual businesses, personalities, and brand aesthetics.

“What makes us different is that we don’t just throw out random ideas. We meet with our clients or chat via the phone. We interview them, asking specific and targeted questions that help refine the search for their ‘just right’ products,” Chalker says. “Then we formulate a presentation that we send to them for approval.”

So much attention to detail, allows Chalker and Family Affair Distributing to create lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with their clients. Building trust through top-of-the-line service and a cooperative spirit, Chalker thinks of her customers like family and, as such, she is continually on the lookout for new promotional products that may fit her clients’ specific needs.

Among the things Chalker loves best about her business, she cites Family Affair Distributing’s commitment to upholding its corporate values. Pledging to always put the customer’s needs first, Family Affair Distributing is well known for its personalized service, attention to detail, and its willingness to go the extra mile for clients.

“We treat you like you are family. We truly work hard to make sure you succeed,” Chalker says. “We are not commodities brokers. We are values driven and bring a lot of consulting and knowledge to the table.”

All that commitment to personalized service results in customer-driven relationships that Family Affair Distributing supports by taking the lead when it comes to promotional products. Chalker says that customers have more than enough to do in running their own businesses. When it comes to products that promote their businesses or brands, Family Affair Distributing offers full-service solutions that clients can rely on.

“We take all the stress and pressure off of the client, allowing them to do what they do best and that is run their businesses,” Chalker says. “We do all the work.”

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