LesstoMore Announces its Picks for the Best Electric Toothbrush Available in 2016

Chris Bryant, chief editor of LesstoMore, has announced the site’s guide on the most promising electric toothbrushes of this year.

Personal hygiene is of paramount importance in the modern world and having healthy teeth as well as fresh breath is a standard everyone should aspire to. Since there are many electric toothbrush models out there and comprehensive information on them is scarce or scattered, Chris Bryant, the chief editor of LesstoMore, has announced a guide on this year’s top products that will be featured on the site.

“Our readers are constantly bombarded with commercials that show fancy 3D animations of people brushing their teeth, but there’s no real substance behind that”, Bryant explained. “We are trying to make a difference by letting the consumer know just what to expect when buying this particular toothbrush by this particular brand.”

The guide found on LesstoMore has evolved out of Bryant’s own attempts to put the latest electric toothbrush models through their paces in a process that allowed him to eliminate under-performing models regardless of their brand or its influence. Various characteristics such as battery life and bristle composition were measured and the resulting data has been made available for free in an easy to understand manner.

Bryant starts things off with a comparison table, which gives a broad overview of the toothbrushes’ basic characteristics that can then be easily compared. After that, he goes into detail on each individual model, its advantages as well as drawbacks and whether or not the brush is a good fit for a potential buyer’s specific needs.

The guide is split into two parts, the first of which focuses on the reviews themselves. The products are split into two categories based on price and are then reviewed. After that the readers are made aware of additional things they should consider before committing to any one model so their choice is ultimately wiser and more informed.

LesstoMore tries to offer its readers support when it comes to keeping up a fresh and neat outward appearance. This boosts their confidence and lets them take on different challenges in their lives with more vigour and enthusiasm. The site offers guides not only for electric toothbrushes, but beard trimmers, electric shavers and blow driers as well.

Apart from the guides, Bryant occasionally publishes articles on the ins and outs of grooming products in general as well as articles on how taking care of one’s outward appearance can have a positive impact on a person’s sense of wellbeing.

For more information, Bryant can be reached by phone at 029-51334965 or by visiting www.lesstomore.co.uk online.

About Us: LesstoMore intends to educate and inform its readers on various aspects of hygienic living and regular grooming rituals. Its approach is to boost people’s self-confidence in order for them to live more fulfilling lives.

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