Dr. Neal Blaxberg Is Helping Clients Excel Through His Radical Life Coaching

Dr. Neal Blaxberg helps the overwhelmed, fatigued, and anxious regain their missing mojo and get back on the right track with this proven methods and unflagging support.

Life coach Dr. Neal Blaxberg of Radical Life Coaching (www.drblaxberg.com) helps clients achieve a renewed spirit, increased physical health, and a balanced mind by focusing on strategies based on his unique technique of engaging in question and answer sessions with each client. By asking targeted questions, Blaxberg is able to devise a personalized action plan for each client based upon their individual needs and desired outcomes.

“I help overwhelmed, sick and exhausted men and women, whose personal and business lives are going downhill. I help them regain control through a simple custom-tailored process of question, answer, discovery and action, “Blaxberg says. “ This results in greatly reduced stress, more rewarding relationships and a balanced, healthy, satisfying life.”

In working with Blaxberg, clients enjoy: renewed health, reduced stress, more loving and balanced relationships, and emotional stability. In addition, Blaxberg works with clients who need specific help reaching their ideal weight.

“I have assisted dozens of clients in losing fifty pounds or more in less than six months and helping them keep it off through the development of excellent habits,” Blaxberg says.

Blaxberg’s coaching is also effective in helping clients mitigate and reverse the effects of chronic medical conditions.

“I have coached hundreds of clients using dietary intervention, exercise, and stress reduction techniques that have resulted in lowered blood pressure, reduced cholesterol and triglycerides, and the reversal of pathological changes in the heart, liver and digestive tract,” Blaxberg says.

Invested in each client’s success, Blaxberg finds fulfillment when his clients break through barriers to achieve what they had previously thought was impossible. Watching his clients experience their own light bulb moments and helping take part in that transformative process are what spurs Blaxberg onward, reaching out to more potential clients.

“There is no greater pleasure for me or value to my work than having the experience of watching the client’s virtually unlimited potential become a life-affirming reality,” Blaxberg says.

Blaxberg’s coaching is custom-tailored and comes complete with his personal dedication to developing meaningful relationships with each client. One client, Linda Golob of Baltimore, Maryland has been a devotee of Blaxberg’s services for almost 30 years.

“Empathetic to a wide variety of life situations, Dr. [Blaxberg’s] spirituality and wisdom penetrate the soul with ease and grace,” Golob says. “He delivers powerful coaching that will help you crystallize and work toward your truest goals, substantially enhancing your quality of life.”

With his help, Blaxberg says his clients have been able to save money that was once spent supporting negative habits and channel those funds toward supporting a healthy lifestyle and engaged in new life pursuits.

For more information on Neal Blaxberg and Radical Life Coaching, visit www.drblaxberg.com

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