Quorus Technology subject to potential buyout by global bio-tech leader

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO – 11/21/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Quorus Technology have today announced that they have formally taken into consideration a buyout offer and are candidates for a takeover.

A globally recognised pharmaceutical company is said to have expressed an interest in a buyout deal with Quorus Technology. The company’s shareholders are said to be in agreement with the potential offering as they feel the inherent move will only improve the firm’s future direction.

Quorus Technology, a New Mexico-based Bio-Technology & Stem Cell Research company, has been subject to a speculative takeover talks for the past weeks with a globally-recognized pharmaceutical company, although the company is yet to be named.

A Quorus Technology spokesperson didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

“You have many large pharmaceutical companies, buyers, who have said publicly that they are looking for exactly these types of acquisitions,” said a source from an M&A specialist in the sector.  “This potential takeover has massive connotations for the future direction of an already great company.”

The firm has already caught the eye of hordes of potential investors as the New Mexico-based firm benefits greatly from massively reduced overheads by being in the South Americas, as well as having to abide by the same stringent regulations as US bio-technology and pharmaceutical firms.

This has resulted in Quorus Technology having much lower fixed-expenditure overheads, leaving more liquidity for advanced research and development into the bio-technology sector. This leaves the firm hugely ahead of its North American rivals in terms of implementing new technologies as soon as possible.

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