FujiHD Passenger Elevators Facilitate Vertical Transportation with Ensuring Safety of the Passengers

FujiHD, a Sino-Japanese joint venture, now produces world-class elevators and escalators for commercial and residential buildings.

FujiHD Elevator Co. Ltd, a Sino-Japanese venture engaged in design and manufacturing of elevator systems, recently launched a series of world-class elevators that are designed for tall buildings which are commonplace in metropolitan cities around the world. FujiHD has also increased the speed of the passenger elevator systems to 1,200 feet per minute so that they can be installed in tall buildings, both residential and commercial types.

At a recent trade fair, the latest FujiHD elevator products were put on display for prospective investors, buyers and general enquirers. One of the senior engineers spoke at length about the kind of technology they use in their elevators and moving walkways. While explaining the technology and mechanism, the engineer also maintained that passenger safety is their highest priority.  

“Automatic operation is widely popular in apartment buildings as well as hospitals. Our elevators are made to serve disparate purposes. These elevators are not only used in residential and commercial buildings, but also in construction sites, ships, dams, rocket launchers and so on”, said the engineer.

Rapid descent and heavy lift elevators are usually used in skyscraper construction operations. These are all electrically propelled elevators, either by counterweight or by the winding drum mechanism which we use in many of our products. These elevators are still a popular choice for low-rise buildings. Electro hydraulic combination is another mechanism commonly used in our elevators. Use of three or more cables adds to the traction surface with the safety and the sheave factor.  We use gearless elevators in high-speed elevators”, he added while talking to the press.

FujiHD has built its capability to manufacture passenger elevator for several different types of users. Not only passenger elevators, the company now also produces freight elevators, observation elevators, bed elevators, car elevators, small machine room elevators, dumbwaiters, escalator and moving walks. The Sino-Japanese firm offers after-sales service and maintenance to clients spread across the country. “Our thoroughly trained engineering staff members are committed to provide perfect services to our clients. We now aim to become the largest exporter of elevator systems in China”, said the CEO and managing director of FujiHD.

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FujiHD Elevator Co. td is a Sino-Japanese enterprise.

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