An Exciting New Portable Bluetooth Foldable Wireless Keyboard Launched On Amazon

The Keyboard connects with iOS, Windows & Android Smartphones, and Tablets

Amazon the largest and most popular shopping network in the world is pleased to announce with Perfect Accessories US that they have added a new product to their computer and accessories section. The Portable Bluetooth Foldable Wireless Keyboard, which connects with iOS, Windows & Android Smartphones and Tablets has caused excitement around the world on blogs, social media, and gadget review sites.

One of the biggest problems people face when requiring a professional keyboard for their computer or portable device when traveling is having to carry a bulky keyword. However, that problem has now been solved with the universal foldable keyboard that is ultra-thin and lightweight. 

A spokesman for Perfect Accessories US said: “The beautifully designed compact keyboard which is foldable is the perfect travel companion for people looking to get more done on their smartphone, tablet, or mobile device.”

The foldable Bluetooth keyboard which comes with a USB port is made from aircraft aluminum material, providing users with a product that will last a lifetime. The designers of the keyboard have not just looked at creating a sleek keyboard that can easily be carried around by being compact and foldable, they have also looked at one of the biggest problems people face with mobile device batteries. By using a LiPo battery, the keyboard will last a staggering 60 hours.

For a product that offers so much it would be expected to pay a big price, but not only is the foldable keyboard retail price on Amazon set at $42.99, it is currently available for a special celebration discount price of $34.99. A spokesman for the company explained this price is for a limited time only and was the celebratory period over; it will go back to its normal retail price.

The portable keyboard can be set up within seconds and can be used on multiple devices including a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Since being launched it has gained positive reviews from gadget reviewers who have called the device one of the most exciting keyboards of 2016. Other reviews have stated the keyboard is something you would expect to see in a James Bond film or a sci-fi movie.

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About Bluetooth Foldable Wireless Keyboard

The Bluetooth Foldable Wireless Keyboard allows people to easily carry around with them a professional keyboard that can be used on multiple devices.

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