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A New Trend after Ride and Room Sharing, it’s the Ultimate Food Sharing

November 21, 2016Cook Social is an exciting New York-based Food Sharing Startup that connects local cooks with foodies nearby. They claim to be the best when it comes to Food Hygiene and Safety. Their unique international cooking permit ensures that food safety and hygiene is followed the same anywhere in the world. They believe that if local cooks start preparing the dishes, there will be more consumption of freshly cooked foods. It will also create more local jobs naturally. The site allows people to sample different recipes from chefs in their local area. People can order great meals prepared by these cooks with ease.

This is the latest development in the trend of sharing food online. This trend has become very popular among millennials as they are looking for new ways to enjoy earning money from cooking different recipes. This is also pretty interesting in some other aspects too. Students looking for flexible part time job in college will mostly be interested, although recipe bloggers are finding it a way to real monetization than just blogging recipes or writing cookbooks.

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As they did not pose any restriction on how the cooking will be done, people can order foods from different chefs and get them sent to their workplace or home or in some cases cooks can even come and prepare the meal in their kitchen. People can also order recipes of all sorts such as breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts etc. This allows people to expand their horizons when enjoying fine meals from local cooks, as it’s always boring to order same Pizza from Domino’s or Pizza Hut.

The site focuses heavily on the safety and hygienic quality of the foods being offered. In particular, a food safety fee is charged.  It costs $1399 for a chef to get a three-year permit to be on the site. According to the company, this helps monitor their cooks and also keeping safe food sharing in the community.

The company allows each cook to decide the price of each dish that they prepare or the recipes they want to sell. There is no commission charged on every food sold. It’s a pretty wow deal. So basically for only $38.86 [$1399/36 months = $38.86/month] a month cooking permit fee, any revenue made from cooking goes to the cook.  The cooks can easily get customers from instagram, pinterest, whatsapp, wechat, facebook group or other social sites etc too.  This special business model is designed to create a sense of trust among all people who use the service. This allows people to enjoy the foods that are available and to feel confident in that they are getting foods that they know are safe and enjoyable.

About the Site: Cook Social is a marketplace where people can discover great local recipes made by local chefs. Any interested people who would like to cook and make money can get their Cooking Permit from Cook Social. This permit is international and can be used internationally. 

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