November 21, 2016: Double Large Limited, the make of various SuperChalks branded products, has released a brand new SuperChalks product that is currently available for sale on Amazon. These are 3mm Fine Tip SuperChalks prepared in a convenient 8-pack.

These SuperChalks products are liquid chalk markers that are designed for non-porous surfaces. These can be applied onto a traditional drawing board with a black background.

The individual chalk pens have fine 3mm tips that are slim and designed for use in small and accurate projects. These can especially create a good look that establishes a beautiful display when chosen right.

This is made to work without creating any dust like what typical chalk materials often generate. The liquid chalk materials used here are designed to create a vibrant and bright appearance.

These are all organized with great colors. The eight colors featured on these chalks include yellow, red, pink, orange and white tones. These are designed to be applied onto a black chalkboard-like surface, but they can also work on glass, metal, and other non-porous surfaces.

The liquid used in these chalk pens is also heavily concentrated. This allows the chalk to stay intact without dripping or smearing. It creates a professional look that lasts for a while.

These can also be used to create a better appearance on any non-porous surface. In fact, it is easy to get the chalk pen materials cleaned off of such a surface. It can be wiped off with a simple cloth. It will not create any smearing and will be easy to write over again. This is a simple process that is easy to use.

These pens are also guaranteed by Double Large Limited to work for as long as possible. A 60-day money back guarantee is offered to show people just how effective the products are and for how they will last for a while.

The Pens are expected to be big sellers on Amazon. These will provide people with plenty of ways to take care of different projects as they see fit. This is especially great for kitchens and other rooms where common non-porous drawing boards may be found in.

About the Company: Double Large Limited is a company that makes Precision Kitchenware and SuperChalks products. The company’s products are designed with kitchen usage in mind.

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