oc2o, Groundbreaking Startup, Set To Revolutionize Online To Offline Commerce, Marketplace Network

Angthong, Thailand– A recent study demonstrated that 56% of customers have used a mobile device at home, to research products, while 38% have used their device to check in-store product availability, on their way to make a purchase. 

Despite the fact that nowadays, there is a proliferation of ecommerce websites, an astounding 92% of sales still takes place in store.

O2O (Online To Offline commerce) and OC2O (Online Commerce To Offline) refers to connecting online services to physical stores, as a means to increase stores’ visibility and profits. It has been estimated that those businesses who are savvy enough to capitalize on this opportunity have the potential to generate up to a trillion in revenue.

oc2o is a newly-founded company, aiming to connect brick-and-mortar stores with local customers. The company’s ingenious services serve to attract the consumers that fit a business’s client profile, promote client-merchant communication, and facilitate online-to offline transactions.

Consumers benefit from o2co’s free services, which include discovering businesses in their vicinity, completing transactions in a safe online environment, and pick up their purchases through a local, physical store; getting access to special deals and promotional events; and meeting people active in their community’s business scene.

The oc2o app and website offer many advantages to merchants, too. In addition to being completely free, oc2o helps businesses increase their profits through local sales, thus forgoing the need to pay for shipping and handling fees; promote their business to a local audience; instantly chat with buyers and forge a lasting rapport with newly-acquainted, local buyers, who have the potential to becoming returning costumers.

“We are excited to bring oc2o’s premium services to businesses across the world”, said oc2o’s media representative, Mr. Huy. He added “There has never before been a business networking platform to offer such online commerce to offline potential. Various businesses, such as restaurants, bars, real estate and travel agencies, local businessmen and craftsmen have seen their profits surge through using oc2o. We are confident that our platform will attract pioneering businessmen, who will use oc2o as their launch pad towards skyrocketing their business”.

The oc2o app and website are B2C, B2B and C2C; offering an interactive platform for local classified ads. Both the app and the website have already gained a significant, active user community, with members hailing from various countries around the globe.

To learn more about oc2o, please visit: https://oc2o.com/en

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Company Name: oc2o
Contact Person: Mr. Huy
Email: info@oc2o.com
Address:29 Moo 3 Tambon Angthong
Country: Thailand
Website: https://oc2o.com/en