Finer Living Launches Set of Premium Essential Oils for Aromatherapy

Therapeutic-grade essential oil company Finer Living Incorporated, to launch the Finer Living 100% Essential Oils on the Amazon store on 11/25/16. An essential oils gift set that includes: lavender, orange, lemon, and peppermint.

Essential oils are naturally known to preserve the balance of body, spirit, heart and mind by harnessing the natural healing properties that the earth posseses. Each bottle of the essential oils contains pure contents with no carriers, fillers or bases added. Finer Living’s Essential Oils are extracted with the state of the art extraction and distillation methods; maintaining the fresh natural scents as well as the integrity of the oils.

Finer Living uses a team of highly experienced and skilled extractors and distillers that specialize in making fine, therapeutic-grade essential oils. This team of highly experienced and skilled extractors and distillers pays close attention to quality and ensures that every product they produce meets all standards to ensure they serve the intended purpose.

The Finer LivingEssential Oils line includes four basic oils: lavender, orange, lemon, and peppermint. Each bottle of oil is 100% pure oil that is extracted from the botanical plant source directly and is free of impurities, synthetics, heavy metals and pesticide.

“These tolerant, high-quality essential oils are illustrative of nature’s greatest and ancient gifts to mankind. These are oils used for several thousands of years by different cultures of the world; essential oils are known for their various positive benefits as well as pleasing fragrance. For that reason, Finer Livingis applying principles of strict quality control and guaranteed excellence to introduce these oils to support human wellness.” The company representative said.

Finer Living Essential Oils is available for purchase on the Amazon store or on their website. The company has RISK-FREE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE which implies if a buyer is not completely satisfied, such buyer can simply contact them and they will give that buyer full refund without asking questions. To purchase the product on the Amazon store, please go to

About Finer Living, Inc.

Finer Living, Inc. produces a high quality 100% pure essential oils. The company’s therapeutic grade premium essential oils comes with a vast range of beneficial properties and astonishing fragrances. These essential oils is a breath of fresh air to its users. For further information, please go to 

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