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Clients Rely on Rotation Manager to Improve Clinical Rotation Scheduling. Rotation Manager is nursing student rotation platform that addresses the needs of all parties involved in clinical rotations, thereby ensuring that there are no gaps in the process.

Clinical rotation scheduling is a complex process as it relies on the seamless cooperation between 3 distinct parties:  nursing students, nursing schools, and hospitals. Nursing students need the opportunity to care for patients to earn credits for graduation. The healthcare facility relies on the students to provide nursing care to patients. The educational facility relies on the healthcare facility to provide clinical placement opportunities to students, so that they can continue to offer healthcare programs that provide qualified employees available to an industry with a growing demand. When there is a failure on the part of any participating entity, it can impact everyone involved. Rotation Manager is nursing student rotation platform that addresses the needs of all parties involved in clinical rotations, thereby ensuring that there are no gaps in the process.

A growing number of healthcare providers and facilities are increasing their focus on patient care. Like any business, a hospital must deliver exceptional care to remain competitive and successful. Student nurse scheduling software helps hospitals improve the quality of care they provide by eliminating mistakes in the scheduling process that result in too little coverage during any shift. By providing a central location where records and schedules are managed and accessed by every pertinent party, Rotation Manager eliminates the potential for missed or lost paperwork.

Meeting compliance standards is another area of concern for the school’s clinical rotation manager and the hospital liaison. The use of  nursing student rotation software simplifies the process of handling and accessing documents and records, making compliance effortless. Rotation Manager’s award winning software solution is already used by many schools and hospitals across the country. The design was developed specifically to address issues of missed rotations and non-compliance for a reputable school and hospital that continued to encounter problems.

If you work for a hospital that relies on nursing students to provide patient care, we encourage you to try Rotation Manager firsthand with a free demo.  Its ability to handle all aspects related to clinical rotations will save time, save money, and enhance the reputation of any facility or educational organization. Without a doubt, it is one of the best investments you can make.

About Rotation Manager

Rotation Manager (https://rotationmanager.com) is compliance software that makes it simple for allied health and nursing programs to keep track of records and schedule rotations. The student nurse scheduling software saves time and money while also enhancing customer service. It is accessible by hospitals, schools, and nursing students in an easy-to-use, online format. Users can order drug screenings, track expiring documents, meet requirements on time and schedule rotations without the use of spreadsheets. Email at helpdesk@rotationmanager.com

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