Free Book Available That Explains Nevada Medicare.

“”We don’t rush our Nevada Seniors and we take the time necessary to explain Nevada Medicare in simple clear English (and Spanish),” states Frank Arbizu of Nevada Health Insurance Specialists.”
Free book explaining Medicare available from Nevada Health Insurance Specialists. The book provides all the information for beneficiaries and those researching for their parents.

“”Medicare and You 2017″ is a government publication sent to each Nevada Medicare Senior every year. In our experience we have found some publications go missing in the mail or are inadvertently thrown out,” states Frank Arbizu President of Nevada Health Insurance Specialists.

“This publication contains important information and we want to ensure all Seniors and family have a copy. If your copy didn’t arrive or family members need extras we are happy to send them out to you. Simply call our office at 702-573-7766 to request additional copies of “Medicare and You 2017.”

“This is a free publication and there’s absolutely no charge or obligation for requesting copies.”

Nevada Health Insurance Specialists, based in Las Vegas, have affiliations with all the major insurance companies. Unlike many other insurance agencies they are not restricted to any particular insurance company. This freedom allows them to provide the best options at affordable pricing that meets the unique needs of each individual client.

Arbizu continues, “The Nevada Medicare choices our educated customers make are very important decisions and we work hard every day to educate ourselves on the latest Medicare programs to help our Nevada Seniors find the right program at a price which is affordable.”

“What we do is extremely important, personalized and accurate.  We don’t rush our Nevada Seniors and we take the time necessary to explain Nevada Medicare in simple clear English (and Spanish).”

“Every time we help a Nevada Senior make a decision that’s right for their situation, it makes a strong team of our Seniors and Nevada Health Insurance Specialists.”

“At Nevada Health Insurance Specialists we are dedicated to serving those Nevada Medicare Seniors in need of insurance and Nevada Medicare education. We are independent brokers, answering only to our customer’s needs.”

Nevada Medicare is a federal program and Seniors qualify for it generally at age  65.  Medicaid is a state program funded by the federal government and Medicaid is available at any age although most people get Medicaid under the age of 65.

Nevada Medicare open enrollment started on October 15th and ends on December 7th. Failure to meet this deadline means that enrollment will be delayed until October 2017.

To get your free, no obligation copy of “Medicare and You 2017” please call (702) 573-7766.

Nevada Health Insurance Specialists also provide current information on Medicare Supplement, Life, Dental, Vision and Critical Care plans. All questions are answered by a trained and licensed agent.

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