RICHMOND, CA – 11/22/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Oscar Hollin, a former San Francisco Department of Public Works worker is still seeking justice as a result of being forced to work on the Gavin Newsom for Mayor Campaign in 2004. According to Hollin, while serving as a street cleaner for the City and County of San Francisco, he was ordered to vote for Newsom and walk precincts for Newsom’s campaign on Election Day.

Realizing that his civil rights had been violated, among other things, Hollin sought legal counsel. He turned to the Legal Aid Society in San Francisco and they undertook representation of Hollin. However, 12 years later, Hollin’s case against the City and County of San Francisco has yet to be resolved. For some reason, or the other, the Legal Aid Office failed to timely file a lawsuit on Hollin’s behalf, therefore the statute of limitations expired. Hollin was forced to file a lawsuit for malpractice against the Legal Aid Society and one of their attorneys, Bill McNeill. Attorneys representing the Legal Aid Society and Bill McNeill, have refused any good faith offer to settle the case and compensate Mr. Hollin for the violations of his dignity and civil rights. Attorneys for the Legal Aid Society have called Mr. Hollin’s offer to settle his matter for $150,000 as preposterous, even though the actions by the DPW and the City and County of San Francisco were clearly preposterous and probably criminal, in nature. 

Mr. Hollin’s case can be reviewed on the San Francisco Superior Court Website, case number CGC14-539964. Oscar Hollin v. Legal Aid Society and Bill McNeill.

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