Christmas Baking Molds By Sylvia Living Now Ship For Free

Every holiday season it can be difficult to find all of the right presents at an affordable rate, so no one needs shipping fees to get in the way. Here to stop just that are Sylvia’s Living Silicone Candy Molds.

OREGON – 11/23/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Every wondered how those Instagram famous chefs whip up hundreds of perfectly shaped candies, cookies, and other treats? The answer is a well-crafted, easy to use mold. The perfect mold provides the ideal base for crafting adorable goods without the headache that comes with hand-shaping treats. But not any mold will do. Molds need to be non-stick, approved for a wide array of temperatures, and high-quality, making it hard for an up and coming or amature cook to find a usable cooking mold. Here to make everything from candy crafting, to mini-cake baking, to candle forming possible for any cook no matter his or her skill level is the set of Christmas Candy Molds by Sylvia’s Living.

Best of all, the Silicone Candy Molds are practically priced. A set of forty-two adorable molds is priced at under ten dollars, and orders today ship for free, because no one has the extra cash to pay for shipping every time anything is bought this holiday season. This affordability is only augmented by the vast number of uses Sylvia’s Christmas Candy Molds are approved for. With a temperature range spreading from negative forty degrees celsius to two hundred and thirty degrees celsius, the Christmas Candy Molds are able to produce frozen solid candies as well as baked treats. As for the designs of the molds, images are previewable on the product’s Amazon storefront, and the shapes include two classic depictions of Frosty the Snowman as well as globe-style christmas ornaments. This versatility combined with the affordability of the Silicone Candy Molds by Sylvia’s Healthy make the baking tool a perfect gift for both a friend and oneself.

About Sylvia’s Living

Sylvia’s Living was founded by Sylvia herself. She was inspired by her flavorful and plush childhood, being able to come home to a home-cooked meal made by her mother. Today she hopes to allow other children the same joy by providing professional-grade cooking products for everyone. These convenient cooking tools Sylvia and her design team have produced, range from apple slicers to ice cube trays, but they are always high-quality.

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