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Los Angeles, CA – November 22, 2016 — Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® announces an exclusive story featuring, Cornerstone, a company creating effective, research-based solutions to identify and prepare top talent to become effective leaders and managers.

Cornerstone President, Joe Thoresen and Vice President, Carl Thoresen will explain how they are preparing individuals for their future roles in leadership.

Carl Thoresen says, “The fundamental challenge stems from the fact that when we move people from typically individual roles into frontline leadership roles, especially for the first time, in their careers, we don’t really have a basis for observing how effectively they will perform in that function. So what results is the need to use some sort of interim assessment. We might for example look at performance in a current role or current job, we might have some other methodology that involves some form of testing, etc.”

The company, founded in 1983, was created so that those individuals that are being placed in a position of power have the resources to both learn the role, and learn how to be an effective leader and manager. Cornerstone provides a wide range of e-learning material that helps those individuals go from a place of individual job skills to being able to lead a team and step into the leadership role effectively and efficiently.

“Before people are promoted from individual contributor jobs into first level management positions, they must demonstrate competence handling the key tasks they will have to effectively handle as new managers and leaders,” says Carl Thoresen.  “Performance on simulations, carefully designed to reflect the content of specific first-level management positions and supported with objective measurement techniques, provide the information necessary to make these evaluations. Based on their simulation performance, participants are evaluated on their readiness for promotion. This methodology has been designed to be naturally diagnostic and developmental. When people are evaluated as ‘Not Ready’, they are told what specific tasks/responsibilities they must perform more effectively and provided with developmental ideas and strategies to develop necessary skills.”

Joe Thoresen added, “We provide clients with the option of using a methodology that is much more powerful than the aptitude-based techniques they have used in the past. Although application of our methodology may initially be more complex and expensive than traditional approaches, its accuracy and utility is much more compatible with the short and long term importance of managerial and leadership performance. When promoted, new managers have already demonstrated effectiveness handling key managerial tasks and do not have to engage in on-the-job training to develop the basic skills necessary for success.”

JL Haber, Vice President of Programming for Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®, added. “Cornerstone is providing a much needed and time-tested solution to develop tomorrow’s great business leaders. It is a pleasure to feature them on the show! ”

 For more information, visit www.leadwithcornerstone.com and tune in to Fox Business Network as sponsored programming on Saturday, November 26, 2016 at 4:30pm EST and Bloomberg International at 10:00am D.F. and 2:30pm HKT on Sunday November 27, 2016.

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