Excalibur Chefs Raises The Bar In Cutlery Excellence With Its Eponymous Chef’s Knife

Cheyenne, WY – Professional chefs, cooking enthusiasts and regular cooks alike have long struggled with unreliable utensils. As these tools are not only essential for proper food preparation, but also for bringing out the best qualities of each cooking ingredient, it is of utmost importance for those invested in cooking to own quality utensils.

Recognizing the gap in the market for premium quality chef’s knives, Excalibur Chefs took the initiative to design and manufacture an 8”, commercial grade chef’s knife, for global use, which would cater to both professional and amateur cooks’ needs.

The company chose to craft their chef’s knife from hypoallergenic, non-toxic stainless steel, to ensure food safety, following the standards set forth in the European Union Dangerous Preparations Directive 1988 (88/3/0/EEC).

Excalibur Chefs then used the latest technology to create a seamlessly-designed, effortless-to-use, timeless chef’s knife. Razor sharp, precisely molded and perfectly leveled, handling the Excalibur Chef’s chef knife has been described as a “one-of-a-kind” experienced, even by professional chefs, who have handled many a knife in their long careers.

Seasoned chefs, in particular, were those that noted how the Excalibur Chefs chef knife did not aggravate their wrist pain, which they suffered from as a result of handling poorly-made utensils, over a long period of time.

As each Excalibur Chefs chef’s knife comes in a unique gift box, the company has received many emails from enthusiastic customers, who received their brand new chef’s knife from a friend or loved one.

“Our company’s mission is to set a new standard of excellence in kitchen cutlery” said Excalibur Chef’s media representative. He added “Our chef knife is efficient, sanitary, and incredibly user-friendly. We are confident that this knife is soon to be found in all kitchens across the U.S.”.

The company plans on expanding its product range soon, with the addition of bread knives, sushi knives, cleavers, and various other products.

To learn more about Excalibur Chefs, please visit: http://www.xcaliburchefs.com/

Excalibur’s Hypoallergenic 8” Chef Knife is available for purchase on amazon.com

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