Immunogenicity Test Service Now Available in Profacgen

Profacgen, a state-of-the-art protein service provider located in Long Island, NY, USA that provides custom protein services in biological sciences, launched Immunogenicity Test Service to help accelerate its customers’ drug discovery and development programs.

Immunogenicity is the ability of a particular substance, such as an antigen or epitope, to induce an immune response in the body of a human or animal. Immunogenicity assessment is integral to biologic drug development. Assessment of ADAs as well as NAbs form the basic part of immunogenicity testing.

Basically, Profacgen offers immunogenicity determination utilizing a two-step approach for ADA evaluation and NAb test. The first step is focused on detecting ADAs that bind to the sample. After screening for the presence of ADAs and confirmation of specific binding, antibody titer assessment is performed next for ADA quantification. Immunogenicity assessment of NAb activity is performed by cell based assay or competitive ligand binding assay.

“We can be good partner for the development of immunogenicity assessment programs as we have extensive experience and knowledge in this field. Our immunogenicity laboratories are equipped with well-established immunoassay platforms such as Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbant Assay (ELISA), Radioimmunoassays (RIA), Electrochemiluminescence (ECL) and cell-based neutralization assays. We do believe and hope we can help promote our customers’ research.” Commented Crystal, the thief marketing staff in Profacgen.

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About Profacgen
Profacgen provides process development and cGMP manufacturing services for biological active ingredients. We have ready access to state-of-the-art biopharmaceutical product development and manufacturing facilities and our staff scientists have demonstrable expertise in all aspects of biopharmaceutical manufacturing, from facility design and operation to the ability to provide best advice relating to product development. We also save our clients a great deal of time with bioprocess scale-up services. Our fermentation laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art fermentors and bioreactors that enable us to express protein in large scale. Our customers can choose to enter into the protein expression pipeline at any stage depending on their needs.

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