The LAKE HOPPER is a VTOL Flying Water Craft Made in America

A new, one-of-a-kind VTOL flying watercraft could be seen on a lake, river or beachfront near you. The Lake Hopper is designed for the ultimate adventurer, someone whose spirit lives to adventure on the water and take to the skies. The Lake Hopper is a two-place VTOL flying watercraft that allows any pair of fishermen or duck hunters to fly across the lake or from lake to lake, in short distances, to their favorite spots. The Lake Hopper’s three Rotax 582 engines allow the vehicle to take-off and land vertically, like a helicopter, on any body of water without needing the length of a runway to get airborne. The Lake Hopper will provide its users a truly one-of-a-kind water recreation and flying experience.

The Lake Hopper will fund itself on Kickstarter, with a 30-day campaign launching this fall. Funds raised from this Kickstarter campaign will be used to finance the engineering, prototyping, certification, production and marketing of the Lake Hopper. Configuration, weight and performance sizing, propulsion system selection and styling will be completed during the conceptual design stage. After the conceptual design is finished, detailed design and systems selection will be done to reach the prototyping phase at which point the Lake Hopper will be tested until it is ready for certification and then manufacturing. Backers of the Kickstarter campaign will be able to earn 3D printed desktop models of the Lake Hopper, CAD drawings of the Lake Hopper’s conceptual design and Lake Hopper stickers.

More information about the Lake Hopper can be found here: – search “Lake Hopper”

Media Contact
Company Name: Lake Hopper
Contact Person: Tom Daily
Phone: 314-650-2484
Address:Lawrence, KS 66049
Country: United States