The Tikker LifeFX is the World’s First Interactive Wellness and Activity Tracker

Tikker LifeFX is the world’s first Interactive Wellness and Fitness Tracker designed to help you modify behavioral lifestyle choices for better living.

Most fitness trackers focus on exercise as their primary function.  There is no question that exercise is critical to a healthy life but to be so narrowly fixated on only one aspect of our lives is very shortsighted.   What is lacking is the consideration of virtually every other aspect of our lives which is more important than solely focusing on an exercise based way of living.

The sleek and stylish Tikker LifeFX is a fully functional fitness tracker that incorporates an interactive array of “Life Choices” which allows the user to modify and monitor their lifestyle. These “Life Choices” can contribute as much or more to your health, happiness, and longevity than just trying to achieve 10,000 steps a day which is the mainstay of nearly every other fitness tracker.

The Tikker LifeFX the uses the “Life Choices” as well as age, and physical attributes to determine the user’s statistical life expectancy.  The “Life Choices” are behaviors that are within your control such as exercise, alcohol consumption, diet, weight, or social interaction just too name a few.   As the user achieves healthier habits or behaviors then their life expectancy will increase in accordance with published statistical data.

The Tikker LifeFit can also be used for other purposes, such as scheduling retirement and tracking personal or business goals.

At Tikker we believe in living life to its greatest potential.  Our time on this planet is absolute and finite. Every moment doing something unfulfilling is a moment wasted.  Time is an enormous motivator and the Tikker LifeFX will help you face your fears, chase your dreams and take advantage of every second of your life.

We have created a product that is aimed at those who truly want to take advantage of every second of their lives.  While we do not advocate fad diets or reckless exercise regimens to lose weight; we also feel that prodding along at an unfulfilling job or not following your passions are just as perilous.” said Daniel Dean Iketani, CEO of Tikker.

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