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BOC Sciences regrouped part of its inhibitor products in accordance with their applied diseases.

Inhibitors are classified into categories according to the diseases they are applied at BOC Sciences. The company finally made it after about half year’s job and presents the inhibitors as they are used in pharmaceutical directions.

All the newly introduced inhibitors are grouped under featured research area by diseases and in total there are three full such diseases branches -Cancer immunotherapy, Hsp90, and Alzheimer’s diseases. Within each disease, inhibitors are placed by their targets. And for Hsp90 inhibitors, their targets are Hsp90 protein.

Among the three branches of inhibitors, the most featured inhibitors should be the ones under the Alzheimer’s diseases. 21 targets are provided in this category and at least five inhibitors are listed for each target. Of notice, the five targets listed in bold are the prevailing ones applied in present related studies, with great significance of references. And the five targets inhibitors are Amyloid-β inhibitors, β-secretase inhibitors, Microtubule inhibitors/Tubulin inhibitors, γ-secretase inhibitors, and Tau inhibitors. The inhibitor numbers under the five targets are the largest among all. Besides, every inhibitor is depicted in detail from its pharmaceutical effects and applications.

A point worth to be mentioned is that there is no any picture attached for any individual inhibitors under the three diseases, and the company will make up this in the following optimization job by adding more vivid pictures to illustrate the inhibitors function mechanism.

On the base of the three diseases, more are on the way to be added, BOC Sciences will only present them when the job is all done. Such classification will undoubtedly increase the searching efficiency and facilitate general research progress.

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