Embedded Hardware Design of ARM Digital Voltage Regulating Control System

The hardware design of the system mainly describes the realization of the hardware system. Embedded hardware design is based on the practical application of the center, the hardware system can be cut, according to the actual application can be extended to meet the cost, power consumption and product volume of the integrated needs. The basic implementation of the system boot loader system boot from the SD card from the Linux operating system and application files read into memory, and run the operating system. System memory uses two 256M MT74H256M8, a total memory 512M. When the user controls the application to issue the instruction, the processor controls the digital-analog conversion module to convert the digital signal to the analog signal by configuring the GPIO interface to simulate the serial synchronous interface.

System on module design

In this system, the ARM System on mdoule adopts 8-layer board design.In the hardware design, multilayer board is mainly used to reduce the hardware design costs, reduce the circuit board area. As the System on moudle has DDR3 memory, are high-speed circuit, the memory circuit is the System on moudle design focus and difficulties. The hardware structure of the system on module is shown in Fig. The figure shows that the processor plug-in two memory, two memory shared processor clock line, data lines and address lines, in order to ensure system stability, the two memory to the processor alignment using T-connection design, and Long wiring. To avoid the effects of high-speed circuits, crystal should avoid high-speed circuits, as close as possible to the processor clock pin. The power management module is responsible for power management of all devices on the System on module.

ARM System on mdoule

 Carrier board design

The carrier board takes 2-layer design. The peripheral interface circuit includes the system reset circuit, the serial interface circuit, the SD card interface circuit, the LCD touch screen interface circuit, the USB interface circuit, the power switch circuit and the user-defined circuit board. The main circuit board is composed of the following parts: The bottom of the interface slot as the interface with the System on module connected to the bottom of the system block diagram shown in Figure 3. Digital-analog conversion module mainly by the high-precision digital-analog conversion chip, using the serial interface connection. All the interface pins on the carrier board are connected to the access slot, and are connected with the System on module through the slot, which is conducive to the expansion of the later functions and the cutting of the system, while effectively reducing development costs.

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