London Graphic Design Agency Explains The Importance Of A Logo

Small business owners fail to understand how a professional logo can increase their brand and reputation.

A London Graphic Design agency that provides a complete range of graphic design services including website design has launched a campaign to help small business owners around the world understand how important a professional logo is to their business.

2B Designer (, who are based in London but provide their graphic design services around the world decided to launch the campaign after a report found that 95 per cent of small business owners were unaware the importance of a logo.

A spokesman for 2B Designer said: “The report found that the majority of small business owners around the world were unaware of how important a professionally designed logo was for their business. It also found that small business owners did not know that a logo can stick in a person’s subconscious mind, allowing them to remember the business and recommend them.”

The modern graphic design service that helps to increase the brand of small businesses in London and around the world explained that a logo could help increase trust and allow a business to stand out. 2B Designer, which has gained a reputation for not only providing professional unique and modern logo designs but also for being one of the most affordable graphic design services in the UK explained that Blue Chip companies spend millions on having a logo designed.

BP in 2000 spent £136m on their sunflower design to stand out from their competition, showing how important a logo is. They chose to spend so much money due to research showing that a memorable design not only increases trust, but it also helps to increase sales through brand awareness.

“Many of our customers found that by replacing a dull logo design that did not represent their business in a good light and replacing it with a well thought out and modern design increased their brand awareness and revenue,” explained a spokesman for 2B Designer.

The research found that a company with a professional logo design allows a customer to see the business cares about their image and can be trusted to provide a professional product or service. A company with a brand also helps employees stand out and gives them more confidence and more pride when wearing branded clothing.

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2B Designer is a London based graphic design service that provides professional services for customers around the world including Australia, The USA, and Canada. The logo designers in London pride themselves in providing a professional and affordable graphic design service.

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