P&P Sports Announces the Launch of Power Play Mouth Guard

DALLAS, TX – 11/23/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — P&P Sports is excited to announce the launch of Power Play Mouth Guard, a moldable sports mouth guard that will provide jaw and teeth protection for sport players. The official launch date for Power Play Mouth Guard is 23/11/2016.

P&P Sports believes Power Play Mouth Guard will not only satisfy the need for protection of sport lovers in contact sports like football, basketball, hockey, boxing …, but is also comfortable for users of all ages. P&P Sports invested in high quality, FDA-approved material to create the product, ensuring safety and reliable protection. Boil-and-Bite technology is applied to make the mouthguard easily moldable for an optimal fit. A mouth guard case included is the answer for customers’ need for convenient and clean mouth guard storage. The company’s after-purchase customer service is designed to guarantee proper usage and getting the best results from the product.

“We expect this product to become a great companion of sport players that they can carry with them everywhere into every game,” said Barry Famillion, spokesman of P&P Sports. “As sport enthusiasts ourselves, we hate insecurity and we love to play without worrying about injury, which means more concentration, confidence and best performance. Our goal is to deliver that experience to each and every customer through our Power Play Mouth Guard”, Barry added.

The company celebrates the product launch on Amazon with a 40% off promotion and large volume of giveaways. “There is always a strong demand for mouth guards because protection from dental injury is mandatory in many collision sports. Especially with ice hockey season going on, we hope this is where our “Powerful” protective gear fits in. We want everybody to experience it for themselves”, said Barry.

About P&P Sports

P&P Sports, founded in 2016, is a company specialized in sport products.

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