Keene Productions Launches All-Inclusive Smartphone Camera Kit

Kansas City, MO  – Photography has rapidly evolved during the past decade. Amateurs and professionals alike have used their smartphones as their first tool of choice for capturing the moment, instantaneously with the pleasure of sharing on social media.

Many argue that smartphone camera’s features can’t rival those of a DSLR’s. Keene Productions set out to prove otherwise.

Founded by a professional photographer, Keene Productions specializes in providing top quality photography gear that can be easily used by all and was recently awarded “Rising Star Award” from [YouPic].

In its quest to help smartphone users make the most out of their phone’s cameras, Keene Productions came up with a well-rounded smartphone camera kit, to make taking beautiful, professional-quality pictures on a day-to-day basis feel effortless.

The kit contains a clip-on, 180 fisheye lens; a wide angle lens; a micro lens; a mini LED spotlight and a wireless Bluetooth camera shutter remote. The Fisheye lens is used for taking creative photographs, the Wide Angle lens takes panoramic photographs and makes taking group selfies easier to include everyone, and the Macro lens takes amazing close-up shots.

The Bluetooth camera shutter is particularly useful for taking group pictures, while the ingenuous mini LED spotlight facilitates capturing clear pictures at night time or in heavily shaded areas allowing one to capture the foreground and background at the same time.

“People always asked me what kind of camera they need to take pictures of their everyday lives, or during family vacations, or specifically to use on their social media. I always answer the same thing: their smartphones,” said Keene Productions’ founder. She continued “Our kit will help users take pictures in practically any situation, whether their subjects are close up or panoramic or in dim lighting. We are delighted to hear from many of our satisfied customers, who have told us that our kit allowed them to keep beautiful photo keepsakes to last a lifetime”.

The kit is accompanied by expert instructional tips, penned by Keene Production’s founder, which will help them gain a newfound appreciation for the art of photography.

All Keene Production’s Smartphone kit components are compatible with both iPhone and Android smartphone devices.

Keene Productions’ Smartphone Camera Kit is available for purchase on

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