Are you planning to travel during the holidays? Or anytime?

DELAWARE, USA – 11/24/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — According to official statistics, the number of long-distance trips raises by up to 77% around Thanksgiving and Christmas. And according to absolutely no statistics at all, one of the most hated things when it comes to traveling is packing. This is how it usually goes down: you realize your trip approaches, yet you push back packing as much as you can; you reluctantly start packing in the evening before your trip, or even the following morning; you consider all you need and throw it in a suitcase, if you’re a woman you usually consider what everyone else in the family might need too and throw it in the same or another suitcase; you go away and mid-trip realize you’ve forgotten one or more of the following items: credit cards, passport, cash, the usb or memory card with all the picture you wanted to show to your mother, your headphones (and the lady next to you just won’t shut up!), the notebook with a few work memos that you were planning to have a quick look at.

Sounds familiar?

This holiday season, give yourself the gift of comfortable travel with the CargOnizePro travel organizer. Unlike your wallet or purse, this little coordination tool is the best assistant you could possibly have when it comes to getting everything you need, every single time you travel, and accessing it effortlessly. It’s large enough to fit a 7´´ tablet and your passport on top of cash, cards and various digital devices. Can your wallet do that? It even comes with a removable strap, so you can wear it around your shoulder.

If you’re one of the thousands of people planning a trip this holiday season, make sure you lose or forget nothing important to you. And if you know someone that usually does, now you can help them!

Safe travels!

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