3706 kms Long Fastest East to West India Motorcycle Expedition Recently Concluded by Three Indian Youths

“Fastest East to West India Motorcycle Expedition from Tezu to Koteshwar”
Three youths from India, Yogesh, Sandeep and Sudeep took a courageous step to cover 3706 kms long distance, from Tezu in Arunachal Pradesh to Koteshwar in Gujarat in just 85 hours to get featured in the Limca Book of Records & IBR for their Fastest East to West India Motorcycle Expedition.

November 24, 2016 – On November 1, 2016, at 12.00 pm, three Indian youths set out for an adventurous journey what they call the Fastest East to West India Motorcycle Expedition. The trio, Sudeep NS, Yogesh Chavan and Sandeep T. covered a 3706km journey on motorcycle from Tezu in Arunachal Pradesh to Koteshwar in Gujarat in just 85 hours, and accomplished a remarkable feat that is worth mentioning and significantly recognizable. The trio was on a daring motorcycle trip with an aim to achieve a Limca Book of records & India book of Records. Their thrilling expedition successfully completed on November 5, 2016 at 1.00 am.

This exciting motorcycle expedition was planned to cover the distance between India’s extreme east to the western frontier. The journey spanned through several states of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Gujarat. In a few hours journey, the daring trio, Sandeep, Yogesh and Sudeep, covered a significantly vast length of the country and achieved their feat. Sudeep and Yogesh were riding Mahindra Mojo – 2016 while Sandeep was on his Hero Honda Karizma ZMR – 2011 throughout the expedition.

Speaking about their motorcycle expedition, Sudeep revealed that they had properly planned for their 3706 kms long East-West motorcycle trip. They reached Teju on the afternoon of 31st October, 2016 and they visited the office of the Chief Medical Officer, explaining everything about their expedition and got the necessary attestation to start their journey. They also informed the Office of Superintendent of Police of Lohit District of Arunachal Pradesh about their expedition and also got the SP’s attestation for the journey. Sudeep mentioned, “Our expedition was fully authorized and we also got support from many people on our way to Koteshwar in Gujarat from Teju, Arunachal Pradesh.”

The expedition started at 12pm on November 1, 2016, after the trio courageous riders filled up their motorcycle tanks at the IOCL fuel station in Tezu. Yogesh exhilaratingly describes thrilling moments of their journey and said, “We had a completely new experience, covering different terrains and meeting a variety of people. At one point, we had to cross a river on a ferry and also ride through the roads, full of sand and dust. The real biking experience, indeed.”

Sandeep, who showed an equal excitement like his two fellow bikers, shared his own experiences, “The journey was very difficult. Sometimes, we used to come across an under-construction bridge and the next hour, we were riding through patchy roads. And rivers, drains, and water bodies were here and there to make the expedition more challenging. But despite all odds, we maintained an average speed of 43kms/h to cover the distance as per our planned schedule.”

On their 5-day long journey, the three youths traversed through different places and different states. They rested at different places on their way and tested a variety of foods. In the real sense, they had the chance to come across the real diversity of India. The trio, Yogesh, Sudeep and Sandeep, accepted that the expedition gave them a lifetime experience and they will never forget it. Despite covering such a long and tiresome journey, the three Indian youths are full of energy and liveliness, and are hopeful of planning another massive expedition very soon, in the near future.


Koteshwar reached

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